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Long before Kelle Hampton wrote a book called, “Bloom”, there was an awesome special-needs parenting blog called Bloom. It’s run by Louise Kinross of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (in Canada) and it is simply a “must”. A must for your blogroll – and if you can, read the magazine that they produce – not only is it very high quality but it’s a mixed disability bag, so it’s always interesting.

Today I am very happy to be guest posting there, my post on my brother Dana and our relationship.

If you are coming here from Bloom, welcome! I love meeting new people. To get to know more about us, please read the cleverly-titled “Who Are We” – it tells you a bit about our travel-heavy background, the history of this blog and so forth. “Disability: General Resources” is our overall philosophy on disability and some books and things that I like and have found helpful. “Posts on Down syndrome“, exactly that. Links to many, many, many posts on Down syndrome. “Posts about Travel” is outdated – I went and started another blog just about travel and am currently in the process of combining the two and migrating this entire blog to wordpress – so if you like travel, stay tuned. There is a LOT coming up.

Lastly, “Funny Posts on Moxie’s (and Micah’s) Conversations” is a lot of links to past comic posts or posts where Moxie “talks”. They are ridiculous and silly and sometimes (as in the case of 90% Normal) kind of serious.

Speaking of conversations, here’s a new one.

Thanks for coming over and I look forward to getting to know you.


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