Blue & Aviva: A Tale of Near-Love

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I have a cat mouse killer named Aviva.

meriah nichols lost coast-41Aviva likes to hike with me when the kids are off at school.

meriah nichols lost coast-40Which is FUN!

Except for that Blue wants to come, too.

meriah nichols lost coast-39 meriah nichols lost coast-37 meriah nichols lost coast-36Blue is our new puppy!

Living out here as we do in bear and mountain lion country, it makes a lot of sense to have a dog that barks. My hearing service dog Kianna, does not bark unless specifically commanded to. This makes for an awesome service dog and a lousy home protector!

meriah nichols lost coast-20-2

Enter Blue. The puppy who barks.

(and who tore up my hearing aid)


She’s a puppy (have I mentioned that yet?!). Into EVERYTHING and absolutely UNRELENTING¬†in her love.

meriah nichols lost coast-35 meriah nichols lost coast-29

She really, really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wants Aviva to be her friend

meriah nichols lost coast-28Aviva, well. Let’s just say she’s uncertain about this at this point.

meriah nichols lost coast-27This goes on-repeat!

That’s just Blue’s nature. And then Aviva goes back home, she won’t hike with me if Blue is there.


meriah nichols lost coast-34Can you see our house down there?!

meriah nichols lost coast-31There, that’s with some zoom going.

meriah nichols lost coast-33In between Blue & Aviva and my eyes popping out at the view, it’s slow going some mornings.

meriah nichols lost coast-22 meriah nichols lost coast-25 meriah nichols lost coast-24 meriah nichols lost coast-23PS

The wood behind our yurt: magical

meriah nichols lost coast-21 meriah nichols lost coast-20


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