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This is an embedded post from Instagram, featuring @jordannicholewall and @reberrabon_bon in a conversation about Autism and Down syndrome, and similarities between the two.

Beautiful conversation embedded below:

Autism and Down syndrome: Both Neurodivergent, Both Developmental Disabilities

I don’t think most people remember that both Autism and Down syndrome come under the neurodivergent umbrella. Both are developmental disabilities. They have similarities in impulse control, executive functioning – and more.

Also importantly – they are both extremely discriminated against, and poorly understood by mainstream culture.

Thank you so much for this video, @jordannicholewall and @reberrabon_bon

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  1. Theresa K Dieriex says:

    Interesting. I actually know Jordan, the young women with Down syndrome.

    1. really?! She’s so articulate. I appreciated her saying the stuff about control, because Moxie also struggles with that. Helped me to hear it explained by someone with Down syndrome

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