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My blog has bothered me for a really long time. It has kind of made my file-happy mind bend a wobbly with my writing subjects going all over the place. I narrowed them down over the years to just parenting, art, travel and disability. One way or the other, that’s all I ever really write about.

But it still bothered me, because those are really. different. subjects. Big time.

I tried different themes and layouts to categorize it all – the most successful of which, I thought, was the one from Elegant Themes, where it said, “latest from TRAVEL’ (or FAMILY or DISABILITY, of course) – but it was hard to finagle, the theme itself seemed to confuse people. Fail.

Christine Gilbert (of Almost Fearless), Jennifer Johannesen (of Yes/No) and Susan Reed (of Wilderness Found) have all helped me a lot (- they also are all available for hire). Christine taught me that to get what I actually wanted in a site, I’d  have to make different sites – like, who entire sites. So I went ahead and did that. Check it out:

Disability With a Little Moxie

Travel With a Little Moxie

Art With a Little Moxie

Family With a Little Moxie

Obviously, there is some overlap. But all-in-all, they are pretty different places and spaces. In Disability, I’ve got all the disability posts – and it’s going to be the place where I sink my teeth into bigger disability-related subjects.

Since we are leaving really soon, Travel is going to be FULL of stuff. We’ve got gear reviews, full trip outlines and information, blogrolls, all kinds of things coming and forming over there.

Art is where I’m selling stuff I make, and talk more about process. Any tutorials – be it blog/photography/painting – will be (and are already) over there.

Family is what brought all of you original readers here. It’s the fun stuff. The kid stories, Moxie eating grass and Micah rebelling against the tooth fairy. It’s the only site that has the full archives, so you can read every.single.embarrassing post I’ve ever written, all the way back from 2007!

All the sites have their own RSS feed and email subscription. So if you want ONLY one or the other, just go for that. If you want everything; stay here at the main site, because ALL posts will be posted here on the main site.

*** please note: I’m emphatically NOT a code person. I don’t know HTML or CSS. I don’t know PHP. I’m learning wordpress. Migrating to Feedblitz made me cry and working through things on setting up the sites literally triggered my narcolepsy and made me fall asleep and set in motion a chain that has been really hard to work through. So! Will you take that into account when you are facepalming something other I’ve got going, or if the RSS feed thing has you pointed to the Moon? And will you let me know if it does? I can’t even try to fix it if I don’t know about it.

One thing you’ll probably notice is that I have this new thing up called champions/sponsors. Basically, it’s a way for you to show support for the whole Pan Am project.  $20 and over will give you a postcard from us from the road or a text link on our site. The link can be to anything within reason – your own site, your blog, a cause you love, whatever. If you want to donate more, there is a host of options in regards to banners – and the banner can be for your business, your friend’s business, a button for your blog – it can be anything (again, within reason! no naughty pics!).

If you really want a postcard and can’t donate $20/month, just holla – we’ll work something out. We said “$20” because I remember how expensive it is to mail postcards from abroad, but we’re flexible.

The love you send us? Priceless. Thank you for it.

(- did you feel that big burst of affection I sent your way?!! yay!)

Here we go:
Disability With a Little Moxie

Travel With a Little Moxie

Art With a Little Moxie

Family With a Little Moxie


xoxo meriah



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