Bright Tights & Morning Light: This Week on the Lost Coast

Years ago, I wanted to drive across the United States. I had two little problems: 1. I didn’t have a car and 2. I had about $200 to my name.

Well, I found out about this program in which you drive other people’s cars for them – you have to pay for gas, but nothing else. Gas prices then being around $1/gallon (yeah, this was a long, long while ago), I jumped on it and drove from Vermont back to California, picked up my Grandma in the San Francisco Bay Area, then drove to Portland with her, then bussed back down with Grandma.

It was riveting, lonely, long and awesome.

And one of the things that struck me as I drove across this huge nation was that on the East Coast, they roll their hay, while on my native West Coast, we cut it into blocks. Californians have got little squares of hay in fields and East Coasters have these huge rolls.

Interesting, huh?
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The symmetry of the hay in the fields never fails to get me.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-4-4

It’s just gorgeous.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-6

You are too, baby.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-8

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3-5

And dogs. Like Kianna.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-4-3

And cats. Like Aviva!
Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-7

She slays me, man. I’m sure she was a dog in a previous life, because she just follows me around ALL OVER THE PLACE. She’d hop in the car and go if I let her. She is the total cat’s meow.

So is this one.


Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-10

You know who else is the total cat’s meow?

My brother, Dana.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-8

All I want for everyone in the world is to have someone in their lives who is as good to them as my brother is to me.

All I want for my kids is to learn to be siblings to one another as my brother is to me.

That’s it.

Because this guy…. sheesh.

He just drove 2 hours to our place last week, bringing his son and a small crew. Mowed the hardest parts of our mountain and lawn for me. His son led the team in building the playground for the kids. He cleaned up and cleared out the huge mess that was that there from construction. And just… made life really awesome for me again.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-9

Micah’s school play, “Legend of the Snawgles” was brilliant.
Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-4

He wasn’t thrilled about wearing lipstick.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-5

Moxie was, though!!

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-6

It was an adaption of Dr. Seuss’s “Sneetches” – about learning to accept differences.

The music teacher told me that when she was first going over Sneetches with the kids and talking about differences and what one thing about one group of people who have just one thing different from another group might be – and Micah raised his hand and said, “Down syndrome?”

‘atta boy.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2

I am glad they are learning this stuff.

Sometimes I worry about the lack of racial diversity on the Lost Coast – like, you can probably count all of the brown people on two hands, and the black people on one. But then I look at the fact that many of the brown and black people were enticed here by the sons and daughters of the Lost Coast, who went traveling abroad and lured their lovers home. That comforts me.

And I think a fact that seems to be forgotten sometimes is that diversity is diversity. Disability is a component of diversity. And there is disability here, in the full spectrum. Personalities and belief systems are also components of diversity, and the wide range of both are also present on the Lost Coast. Gender/sexuality are also components – and those are also here.

Learning to co-exist with others who are different from ourselves is the fundamental framework for simply living well with one another. We can have racial diversity all over the place, but if people don’t know how to co-exist – if they don’t have an essential respect for one another, it’s moot.

I think the kids can learn how to respect others, to see as important the lives, beliefs, and choices of others who are different from themselves, regardless of whether we are living in racially diverse Oakland or on the highly-white Lost Coast. They can start with people who think differently from them, people who don’t like Star Trek (God forbid!!), or people who think licorice is medicine and alfalfa for bunnies.

There is diversity anywhere, everywhere. 
Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2-5

School plays like The Legend of the Snawgles? Way to go. One more step towards helping kinds understand that we are one human – and diverse – family.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-6-3

After the play, we came home to the playground, fully built.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-2

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-5-2

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3-2

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-2-2

Moxie’s been getting up, grabbing a breakfast bar and heading out. It’s kind of ridiculously cute.

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-1-3

Meriah Nichols Lost Coast-3-3

And on that note, with that smile, I’m signing off.


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