Darling Moxie,
As the days get longer, my time to write and do little projects by and for myself gets shorter. Micah invariably wakes up earlier, as do you, Miss Bright-Eyes-Teething CrankyPants

Oh, honey. It’s not really that bad
…it’s not?

No, it’s not. I just meant to say that I don’t get much time to browse other people’s blogs and catch up with all the doings of others in my virtual and real-life communities.

But for some reason (which I have forgotten), I did last Sunday. I spent about two whole hours on the internet, reading around, jumping from blog to blog and re-discovering lots of love.

Moxie, honey, it’s pretty bad out in Eastern Europe/Russia for little ones born with a little extra.

bad? Like how?

 Bad, like babies are abandoned because of their extra chromosome


Bad, like they have to leave orphanages to live in institutions when they are 4 years old

this is AWFUL

 It IS awful honey. It’s inhumane and beyond horrible. I don’t want to tell you more about it than I have – you can learn more when you are older. But what I want you to know is that a lot of people are trying to do something – in big ways and small ways – to make this better.


Yes! Really! First, Becca at The Bates Motel explains the t-shirts and Lera, complete with links. I am buying mine now. $15 for a cool shirt with a great message and helps Lera’s adoption sounds great to me.

t-shirt! sounds good to me too!
Yep. Then, Christie over at T-Cubed is trying to raise funds to adopt Alexander. She’s got a giveaway-fundraiser and I think it’d be great to support her. Verity’s family is trying to adopt little Katerina (and those photos will make you sob). 
There is Kirill’s family, the story that has been surging the i
nternet, that heartbreaking story of a boy denied adoption because he has Down syndrome. No other reason. Read about it and also enter the giveaway-fundraiser at Our Perfectly Imperfect Life. One last giveaway-fundraiser that I read about on Sunday is at A Perfect Lily – her son is also trying to raise money to adopt.
wow…there really IS a lot going on, both big and small…

 It’s awful that this is happening to those Littles, but it’s encouraging that people are trying with everything they have to do something about it. Regular people. People with big, caring hearts, lots of love…and anemic-looking bank accounts.

where’s your checkbook, Mama?

Indeed! xoxo I love you, babygirl

PS. And then Dante walked by!

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  • Hi Meriah!! I bought Manolo the best teether ever!!! Is a little bundle of plastic "grapes" that vibrate while your kid chews on it, apparently the vibration soothes their sore gums! They have it at Target for $5.49. Good luck! For us teething has been HELL!!! LOL!!

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