I Broke My Foot

I broke my foot.

In Pelenque, but not after I had gone exploring and everything, no, I broke it right after we arrived and had set up camp. IT SUCKED. That’s all I have to say – it all SUCKED MISERABLY.

What I did find interesting about all of this was that when I was in the hospital in Pelenque, jungle, bush, howling monkeys and ancient Mayan temples around me, it struck me that the people I was seeing in the hospital looked EXACTLY like the people I saw in the photos of ancient murals. High bridged hooked noses, beautifully shaped faces, cheekbones to slice cheese off of.

The details that most people seem to like hearing about though:

 Hospital Care

I went in to the regular hospital. The care was casual, friendly, distinctly nonchalant. I enjoyed the total lack of drama and the way the staff joked around with each other.

They gave me an x-ray and a cast. The cast was wound in the narrow hallway, with my broken foot sticking out. This made me really nervous. And instead of pain pills (which I like), they wanted to shoot me up with stuff from a needle that size of the one I got an epidural in (which I did not like). After searching around for veins and getting me all bloody, I told them that hey!, I can take some pain.

 Hospital Cost

It was $8 for everything. We don’t have insurance in Mexico.

meriah nichols mexico-17

Having  a broken foot annoys the crap out of me. They said I have to wear the cast thing for 2 weeks. I’m just hoping it’s going to be really straightforward, a swift mend.



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  • Did you have your cast cut off?I was in a cast too.I broke my wrist and thumb playing soccer.I had my third cast cut off 2 months ago.Hope you feel better and you dont have any pain.

    • ooooh…yours sounds painful!
      the doctor ended up saying that I could just use a boot with a compression sock instead of a full on cast. Reason being, I am very careful and we are traveling. A cast when we are traveling would just be a real hassle, finding someone to cut it off, etc.
      It’s a lot better now, I can put some weight on it, but I think the boot is probably going to stay on for another month…. sigh.

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