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Every year all over the US, Buddy Walks are held. The point of them is to raise funds and awareness for Down syndrome and provide a good time for everyone to boot.


Our local Connection had theirs yesterday and we went.


I have to be honest here: there was a part of me that wasn't sure if I was ready to go. It's one thing to be fine with Moxie having Ds and another thing to suddenly be with hundreds of completely different people with Ds. I had to sit down and have a talk with myself before we went about how every person is unique, both regular and extra-chromosomed. Moxie's life is hers ; not mine and not anyone else's. I cannot compare.


So we went.


When we stepped out of the car and started walking in, I felt overwhelmed and was struggling to control my tears. I had that feeling off and on through the whole day. I felt this sense of almost kinship with the other parents there, looked at all those kids with and without Ds and felt a tenderness towards them. You could be my own kids. Almost.


And Oliver was there!


Oliver was born 2 weeks before Moxie and I had met his Mommy when she and I were still pregnant.There is something very special about being pregnant at the same time as someone else, but it's even more special when you have both had a difficult time of it (she also knew before birth).


He is just the cutest little boy. And Moxie clearly is enthralled.



Here's another one, of the two of 'em. Ollie and Moxie. I just love saying that. Such a sweet zing.



We did the walk



..and ate… and smiled friendly smiles at a whole lot of people



and introduced ourselves (here is Micah, signing his name)



and took even more pictures. Because picture-taking is just *fun*



I was exhausted by it all – it's super hard for me to focus for that long on so many lips, trying to drown out the background noise. Exhausted too from all the emotions. But happy. I know this much is true: those were good people there. Good families, good parents. Terrific siblings. I feel honored that they've included us as a part of their tribe.

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  1. Maeve's Momma says:

    Sounds like a great time, love the Moxie and Ollie shots!

  2. Diana Hudson, MSW says:

    Tears are a natural response, it seems to me, when you're walking a little closer to God.
    Ollie and Moxie, Moxie and Ollie… It's a sweet chime. Look forward to seeing them together at Ds Connection.

  3. I can't wait to put some other shots of them up… they are just the cutest little babies. Individually and together!

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