We’re from California, we live in California and we can’t ever get enough of our awesome state. We love it.

Here are some posts from our travels around California, most especially the hot springs that we love.

If I Could Move Into An Aquarium…

If I could move into an aquarium, I would.   I’d take my family too, of course. The only problem is that the fish might not be cool with our cooking ’em after looking at ’em…  

A Walk in the Woods

When we were up in Humboldt last week,  we all went for a walk in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. This is a great little trail to walk with kids – it’s also completely accessible (wheelchair and stroller friendly; lots of benches niftily perked throughout for people that need breaks). The thing about redwoods is

“The Eye Altering” + Photo Bomb

…So, I’ve been depressed again.   It wasn’t just the IEP meeting – that was kind of the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherry on the sundae that was already built.   I don’t know…it seems to me that I’m dealing less and less well with the Bay Area. I’m really grateful for the water

Photos from posts on this page are available on my photography site, Meriah Snaps

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