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Capture the Colour – a very cool Travel Blogger Photo Contest that anyone can enter. It's sponsored by – to participate you only need to be a blogger, and you enter by posting photos from your trip (s) around the world that showcase the following colours: red, blue, white, green and yellow. Highly desirable grand prize of £ 2 000.00 to spend on travel — Individual colour prizes items include “New” 32 GB iPads with retina screens and other similar gadgets.


A note about colour:

I am deaf. You know that. But what you might not know is that us deaf folk have a style of art that is "typically deaf" – that is, when we paint (as I do), there are a lot of exaggerated, large features. Colours are generally intense in "typical deaf" art. I'm no exception to what is typical – I've always relished colour and delighted in all that it holds. So this contest was the only type of photo contest I'd probably ever like to the extent that I did. But it was still kind of like twisting my arm – which one of my billions of photos should I submit? And where did I put that one of the llama in Peru??

Ack. Okay. On we go.


I was wandering around Angkor Wat and happened upon this small boy. He followed me, chattering. I didn't know what he wanted, I thought it might be money, but you know what? I was wrong. He led me to a small by-way and a wrinkled, tiny, ancient Buddhist nun was praying. She saw me, smiled. Talked to the boy. He turned to me and waved, ran off.

I still don't know what he wanted. Who he was. But I so enjoyed his precious and bright company.


From our month-long camping trip around the Baja, Mexico this year. We had finally found the perfect hot springs oasis. A pool so divine it seemed other-worldly. We camped beside it for 3 days. Seeing my boy in that element, full of joy and happy in his world. put me on Cloud 9.


We were driving in Baja and I saw the big round white ball of the Tropic of Cancer. Only I didn't know it was the Tropic of Cancer – it was just an incredibly intriguing big huge white ball in the middle of nowhere. My One True Darling humoured me, pulled over, let me read the signs, touch the ball and take a picture of this small shrine, which was directly behind the the Tropic ball.



I was tossing between a dead fish, a shell on a beach, my baby girl relaxing in a hot spring (she's about as white as it comes, Little Marshmallow). In the end, I had to go with this one.

I took this photo in Uyuni, Bolivia. My friends and I were playing around with the crazy-fun perspective thing: since it's so totally flat and white, you can pretend you are miniature people and jump off each shoulders and things by lining up in the flat distance. We were having a blast. But then somehow I caught sight of this woman meditating off in the distance. It really struck me.

I felt like she was really and truly living in her moment, being at one with herself, in the midst of this intense element. I loved the feeling of peace, serenity, of contentment that she was exuding. I loved the reminder from that stranger to be still for a moment, savour the present. Feel the peace.


This was a really hard one. In the end, I had to roll with this photo of my boy at a Mexican roadside police check.

The concerned look on his little face, the guard, rifling through our – what? – kid toys? tostada snacks? – and remembering how it was when we first hit the road checks, we were really nervous. And then it gradually became more of a hassle than anything, "oh come on! you want to wake up the baby?! here, have a coke, amigo, you have a kid, you understand, just wave us through, please!"


To enter the contest (this whole part I copied and pasted from Judge Kaminesky's blog, Ken Kaminesky)

1. Publish a Capture the Colour blog post with images for all 5 colours if you have the images. If you don’t have all 5 colours, post images in the colours that you do have. Those who don’t have photos for all 5 colours will still be in with a chance of winning the category winner prizes but you won’t be in the running for the main prize. In your post, make sure to mention the TravelSupermarket Capture the Colour Competition page ( so that your readers know what Capture the Colour is.

2. Nominate and notify 5 other travel bloggers to take part in Capture the Colour at the end of your post to spread the word about the contest!

3. By 29th August 2012, let us know you’ve entered the competition by either posting a link to your blog post on Facebook mentioning Capture the Colour and tagging the Facebook page and/or by linking to your post via Twitter and including @travelsupermkt and #capturethecolour. We’ll be monitoring both Facebook and Twitter closely so all entries will be recorded. For those who don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can email your entry to, including your name, email address and phone number.

4. and the judges of the contest will share and retweet some of our favourite Capture the Colour posts throughout the competition so be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts closely!

5. Every Capture the Colour blog entry will be judged by our 5 judges with each judge selecting a colour category winner to receive an iPad 3 or prize of similar value. The judges will then come together to select the overall winner of the £2,000 travel budget. For further information about the judging and the prizes see the Terms & Conditions by clicking the link below.

6. Terms and Conditions

Each individual judge will select a winner form their colour category. All the judges together will select the Grand Prize winner.




Got questions?

If you want to know more about the contest or if you have any questions please get in touch via either Twitter (@travelsupermkt) or email (

…and now, for my 5 nominations (who most likely have already been nominated)

  1. Family on Bikes
  2. Meredith Novario
  3. The Everywhereist
  4. Bumfuzzle
  5. Living If

…um, actually it feels a little ridiculous nominating these guys. They are ginormous, hugely talented bloggers/photographers with large followings.

Remember – you don't need to be nominated to enter.


Red – Bad-ass Bolivian train in a train-cemetery. Reminded me so much of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, I loved it!

White: Me. Happy. Really, really happy. And obviously, not pregnant. Ha, ha, ha.




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