Down syndrome


Moxie graduated from Kindergarten almost a month ago, and I’m only just getting around to this post now. To be honest, if she didn’t have Down syndrome (- so, a lot of fellow parents from the Down syndrome community needing/wanting/hoping to see fun stuff like this) and if I didn’t have such cute photos of it all, I wouldn’t be posting!

The graduation ceremony itself is held at our local Grange.

The whole community comes together to eat a pot-luck dinner and hang out. The kids get together and play.

Two of these girls are Moxie’s best friends.

Here’s the back of her other best friend, Mack, in what he calls his “handsome jacket”

Moxie’s teacher is calling ORDER!

Then they all went on stage to sing:

Cute! So cute!  ( I wish I knew what they are singing…)

Mack, Mikey and Auntie Diane. Auntie Diane was the first person who was kind to us here, and is also the person who sticks with Moxie day in and day out at school and keeps her with busy with her R’s and from bolting. ♥

She’s capped and gowned!!!!

And so is her adorable class!

(I love these kids)

For parents who are nervous about their child with Down syndrome and school, all I can say is: PRESUME COMPETENCE.

Moxie has earned her graduation:

  • She reads.
  • She can compute (basic math).
  • Most of her skills are on-par with her typically developing peers.

She has Down syndrome – an intellectual disability – no doubt about it.

I want her to be defined by Down syndrome and not think of it as something to “overcome” – she doesn’t need to overcome it, it’s not a part of her to overcome. It’s a part of her that gives her a perspective and outlook on life that is her own.

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