Change: The Blog

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been working at shifting things around here, haven't you?!

– haven't you?!

Well, if you have, then you have.

I'm trying to streamline, simplify. I paired down all the "follow" stuff (to the right), making it really easy for us to connect all over the place.

I am also categorizing ALL posts – art/disability/travel/parenting for you readers that like things organized If you click on those respective pages (see above, the page links), you'll be taken to the new sites that I am still developing that will be ONLY those subjects. So if you are just interested in disability for example, then bookmark that page and subscribe to the RSS feed on that page – you'll only get the disability posts. Same goes for travel and art.

I'm also setting up a couple of shops – one over at amazon with my book recommendations, and the other will be at etsy for things that I make.

Thanks for sticking through this period of construction. And for everything else, too.

I love you.

You rock.

And yes, I'm hormonal.



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