Clams for Breakfast Near Punta Colonet

This is a replay of our month-long trip to Mexico earlier this year (which was the inspiration for our current  plans to leave for the Pan American Highway as soon as we can).

This entry was originally posted on 1-1-12 on my now-retired travel blog. I left you here, in which we had sought shelter from the intense fog in some hotel in some place (God knows where!) for New Years Eve. 


I didn’t know where we were when we landed from the fog. I was just grateful for the shelter. I found out that we were in Punta Colonet, by way of the hotel signage.

And this is the thing that made me laugh: that hotel was only half-finished! The upstairs was a mess of raw concrete and wires; unfinished stairs and things that screamed, “if you were in America, you’d be sued!”

I did not, however, enjoy the morning coffee. My One True Darling thought the water must be brackish – or something – to have such an effect on the instant creamer. It was horrible and we couldn’t drink it and us without coffee is just, well, about the simplest way to bring out the worst in us.

We were in the middle of nowhere. Unbelievable how that fog rolled in.

No coffee anywhere. We thought we’d just suck it up till we could have a coke; that does the trick what with the winning combination of sugar and caffeine.

Baby thought she’d explore while we packed and she did.

Having kids along changes everything.

In search of some coca cola and by that time, breakfast too, we left. Just by San Quintin (our original destination) was where we stopped for breakfast and that headache saving coke at a wayside little place that boldly touted its fine ‘Mariscos!“.

I liked that the cook guy was facing a field while he cooked his fishly products.

Which turned out to be those cheesy clams. Wow. That is some deliciousness, packed tight! Clams, vegetables, cheese, roasted over the fire. With 6 fish tacos, tostadas and blessed coca-cola, I think it was about $20, total.

We are over budget, by the way. We did not plan to spend as much as we are on eating food out – but it’s also okay because we’re headed for the beach to camp. We won’t be having baked giant clams there unless we do it ourselves!

But we will have coffee.



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