Coney Island: The Day of “Yes!”

There are a whole lot of surprises about being a parent that I’ve run into, but one of the biggest is the amount of times I find myself saying, “no” in a given day. It’s a real drag and it makes me feel like the biggest Wet Blanket, ever. Big ole’ bucket o’ “NO”, and that’s me.

“Mommy, can we buy this cereal?”

– “that box of sugar? NO”

“Mamaaaaaaaaa – ?”


“Meriah, let’s watch a movie!”

– “it’s 9 o’clock isn’t it? Bedtime… NO”

Sometimes I find myself remembering what a FUN PERSON I used to be, you know, before I become this No-Sayer-Ball-Of-No-No-NO. (I even feel like there isn’t anything quite so pathetic as a mom-person passionately declaring that they used to be A FUN PERSON)

Any-waaaaaay, so, Helena felt the same way (what Mom doesn’t???), so we thought we’d give our kids the shock of their lives and just say “yes” to everything. One colossal Day of Yes, at Coney Island, no less. We’d say yes to everything they asked and just have a blast.

And we did.

And it was. One of the best days I can remember having, just really, really FABULOUS.

Here are the photos:

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-45 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-44 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-43 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-35

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-37 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-38 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-29 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-28 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-30 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-31 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-24 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-25 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-26 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-34 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-32 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-33 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-23 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-22 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-21 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-11 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-19

I have to tell you this: when we were on the flight to New York, Moxie was flipping through the in-flight airline magazine in the seat pocket ahead of her and she came upon this picture of a merry-go-round carousel. She just stopped and started pointing to it and said, “Mama! ME!” over and over, making it abundantly clear that she wanted to ride that thing.

We changed flighted in Dallas, and on the next flight, she reached for the magazine and deftly flipped it right open to the very spot that hosted that carousel image. This time however, she actually tore the picture out of the magazine.


Little Miss knows what she wants, uh-huh.

So, we *had* to go on this. And I’m not sure there is anything better than watching her be thrilled, just beside herself in a moment that she’s wanted.

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-42 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-40 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-41

Mack had a lot of firsts. First time on a kinda-scary ride:

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-5

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-7Meriah Nichols Coney Island-12First on a ride with just his big sister for protection:

Meriah Nichols Coney Island-18 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-17 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-16 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-13 Meriah Nichols Coney Island-15Meriah Nichols Coney Island-4Meriah Nichols Coney Island-10Meriah Nichols Coney Island-9Meriah Nichols Coney Island-8Meriah Nichols Coney Island-2Meriah Nichols Coney Island-3Meriah Nichols Coney Island-1

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  • Can I tell you, the only ride I’ve ever been on at Coney Island is the Cyclone? It was the first ride I went on, and after that, I’d had enough. LOL.
    I hear you on the No, no, no, no. Sometimes, it feels like that song from Sesame Street– And the word is No! No! It would be easier if they didn’t ask for so much all the time, wouldn’t it?

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