a Conversation with Micah – New Post from "Family" & a Trip to the Jelly Belly Factory

All the multi-site stuff still being ironed out, I thought I’d point you over to the “Family” section for a new post on a conversation with Micah, who was in his spaceship. It’s just one of those slice o’ life posts that are probably more for us than anyone (- because Micah totally cracks. us. up!!) Anyway, just click HERE and it will lead you THERE.

Moving on, I have an enormous sugar hangover today.

I took the kids – SOLO, I might add – to the Jelly Belly Factory yesterday. I took a look at the line, you know, with that sign that said, “the wait will be ONE HOUR  from this point” and was going to turn around. Then I saw Micah’s face and sucked it up. He was in that perfect combination of earnest eagerness, “hope” and “anticipation” written all over his eyes and I couldn’t bear to dash it all. So we did it. I forgot the Ergo in the van and so had to carry a totally fussy Mack most of the way, Moxie was pretty disgruntled (- I couldn’t blame her though; the view from the stroller was primarily of really bad leg tattoos), but Micah?! Oh was he ever happy!

And that made it worth it.

Here’s some photos:

Have a great one!

(and that conversation with Micah on the spaceship? It’s HERE)


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