Voices from the Disability Community

Rich Donovan: Business man, CEO. Star Wars. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Pauline Victoria: Entrepreuner. Star Trek. Disability: limb difference (no arms, one short leg)

Neil Jacobson: IT Professional, CEO, business man. Star Trek. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Susan Henderson: Executive Director, Advocacy Professional. Star Trek. Disability: amputee

Joshua Miele, Information Accessibility Researcher. Star Trek in the brain, Star Wars in the heart. Disability: blind

Joy Elan, Poet. Star Wars. Disability: deaf

Alice Wong, National Council on Disability and Staff Research Associate. Star Trek. Disability: Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Carrie Griffin Basas, Lawyer/law professor. Star Search. Disability: Larsen’s syndrome

Tony Candela, Disability Program Administrator. Star Trek. Disability: blind

Dave Hingsburger, Blogger, Director of Clinical and Educational Services, Lecturer and Trainer. Star Trek. Disability: not specifically stated (- but wheelchair user)

Sarah Tom, Assistant Professor. Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: fibromyalgia

Gary Karp, Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Performer. Star Trek. Disability: paralyzed by spinal cord injury at T12

Loren Steinberg, Systems Change Advocate. Star Trek. Disability: Arthogryposis

Corbett O’Toole, Activist/Advocate. Post-Shatner Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: polio

David Roche, Comedian. Star Trek and Star Wars. Disability: facial difference

Alan Muir, Director (COSD). Star Wars. Disability: Little Person Spondylephiseal Dysplasia dwarfism

Katherine Reyes, Teacher. Star Wars. Disability: Deaf

Cara Leibowitz, Activist/Blogger. Star Trek. Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Simi Linton, Writer, Dancer. Neither Star Trek/Star Wars. Disability: unspecified








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