Countdown to August & The Pan Am Overland

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But you know what’s even scarier? Regret.

Pan Am Overland, baby. It’s one freakin’ huge, gigantic, colossal, enormous (help me out here: more adjectives for “big” please)____________ change. It’s change on a level that is enough to send most people to therapy which is why I suppose most people don’t do this sort of thing.

“This sort of thing” being to hop in a truck with a camper and their 3 kids and drive down to another continent.

Mikey and I are slightly terrified. The potential for f***ing up royally is there. And on the opposite site of the same coin is the potential to succeed beyond our wildest dreams, to really do something great and grand with our lives and to take one big fat bite out of the cookie in which dreams are made.

Anyway, yeah. So we are really scared. It almost feels like we’re being propelled. It’s like this is something we, full stop.

We must go. This must happen.

When I get really scared (which is often), I think about the Inn that I long to be running (and the post all about the Inn and our Big Plan is here). I think about the food I want to be growing in our backyard there. I think about the training center we are going to have in our Inn, I think about all the people I can’t wait to meet. I think about the art I want to make and the bike tours I can’t wait to see Mikey lead. I think about our kids who will grow up to be free and strong and independent through a venture like this. I think about all of these things and I become less scared because my anticipation outweighs my fear of the unknown.

That Inn? I know it’s going to happen. It’s really just a matter of finding the right place that we will fall in love with and want to be our “forever home”.

But where it is? I have no idea.

So the plan to go and connect with various disability organizations along the way, to get to know people and see how we can help makes good sense. We will get a feel for different places, know if it’s the right place for us.


Okay, so, one thing I’m finding is that sometimes people don’t respond at all to my email queries to connect. I half think they think I’m crazy or something and kind of brush me off. It makes me want to jump up and down, all YEAH! It’s crazy! We know it! But you know what?! We are GOOD at crazy! We have a long history of crazy! We make crazy WORK! Our resumes are full of successful “crazy”!

But it’s kind of hard to tell people that and have them take you seriously when they don’t know you.

I think it stands a chance of being easier once we are actually on the road. Engaged in it all, you know? “Hi, this is Meriah and I’m going to be headed for your country in a week; can we connect?


That’s where we are. We plan on leaving in August. That’s just a few months. ACK!

Other news on our homefront:

  • Birthdays! 4 of ’em, to be exact. Holy cow, wow. Coming up, starting Wednesday. Micah, 5! Moxie, 3! Me, (gulp) 40! Mikey “the spring chicken”, 35!


Micah beat me, bona-vide in a game of tic-tac-toe. For real. I didn’t let him. He beat me.

photo 2


Moxie. When she wants milk, she gets it. Fridge lock, be damned!

photo 1


photo 3

God, but this baby is delicious!

Yum, yum.


This week is the start of something great.


Have you noticed the blog re-do? Yeah? Do you like it? Anything you really dig or anything that is driving you nuts? I’d really appreciate feedback on it. A big new feature is – you see the Nav Bar, where it says “travel” and “disability”? If you click on either of those, they will lead to Disability With a Little Moxie and Travel With a Little Moxie – which house ALL of those respective posts. All travel posts or ALL disability posts. I’m still working on finishing touches, but you can sign up for email/RSS for either of them if those are the posts that you most like.

Just trying to keep things tidy around here, you know!




Mother’s Day is coming up and my Mom has hinted not so subtly at the fact that WE HAVE NOT GIVEN HER A PHOTO BOOK YET.

Where’s MY photo book? You get the real deal; WHERE’S MY PHOTO BOOK, MERIAH?

Since the best photo book I ever made in my life came from Blurb, that’s where I’m headed. I’ll be using the Blurb Designer Instant book template to make a professional quality photo book filled with memories for mom. Instant Books are easy to create, take about an hour, and start at just $12.99.  Start creating your Blurb Designer Instant Book today and save 20% with promo code LOVEYOUMOM valid through 5/10/13!

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  • I am so jealous/excited/sad/happy for you! Well, I’m not sad for YOU, I’m sad for me. We will find you once you figure out where your inn will be. 🙂

  • Hi Meriah! We’re leaving Toronto towards LA to start our PanAm highway adventure on June 9. We’ll drive up to Alaska and be back to California by August so I’d really love our families to meet up sometime. My daughter is the same age as Micah and loves when I show her the pics of your kids. Anyways, I’d really like to keep in touch so we can track each other down the road. This is our fanpage that we launched 4 days ago and the blog will be launched soon. xxx

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