image of a black woman with strong hair wearing a black t-shirt that has deaf slang words on it in rainbow colors. made by elevenbee, a deaf-led company

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This is a compilation of things that deaf people have made, and purchasing them will help support businesses in our community – and nearly all of the businesses are also women-led. Please note that I’m using “deaf” here for the sake of ease, but by “deaf” I am including Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind. Our whole community.

Consider purchasing these products!

Art, Accessories, Products and More

There is also a private Hearing Loss marketplace on Facebook, linked here:

Stuff Made by Deaf Community Members

We live in an age in which some companies profit from making ASL-related products, or things that seem like they would be made by people from our community. Sometimes the products are really great, and sometimes they are just hilariously wrong (like Old Navy – remember their “love everyone” t-shirt?!).

woman points to shirt with text reading "love one another" but signed language reading "fuck"

It’s nice to have options in what we purchase, but we do want to remember to support our own community as much as possible – our community needs the dollars more than big businesses like Old Navy do, and our community is the place where all of this is coming from, such as the “inside” things related to our culture (- such as the ASL “I Love You” hand sign that is so loved, or the t-shirts with the popular deaf slang on them)..

If you are reading this and you are not d/Deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing, know that by purchasing from people who are actually from our community, you are directly helping to support our businesses. And as you can see, helping to support our businesses isn’t exactly a hardship! All of the products are super awesome, really lovely items there.

This list is the tip of the iceberg – that are a lot more deaf businesses out there to support, and many more lovely, fun and/or useful products to purchase that will make your life brighter while supporting a deaf-led business venture!

Gifts For Deaf People

All of the items here would make great gifts FOR a deaf person as well, and I have another post specifically on “Gifts for Deaf People” – those gifts are not necessarily made by our community though; there is a lot of tech-stuff recommended for access needs.

deaf gift ideas, image of a woman signing I love you, she appears to be Asian, with dark hair and almond shaped eyes, she is smiling and has a white scarf and red sweater on, the background seems lit and festive

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