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Hilarious Deaf Memes

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Hilarious Deaf Memes

Last week I made a couple deaf memes –

…and Mikey liked this one (- he used to call my hearing aids my “chastity belt”)

These ones I found around the internet – I think they are pretty great too:

I am pretty sure my voicemail message does say that.

Oh yeah, baby. Remember the Chinese people talking in old movies? Smile, nod, nod smile? That’s me all right. One of the things I loved about actually speaking Chinese and Japanese? Both languages have verbal question marks. All I had to do was pay attention to the end – and if I heard a “ma” or a “ka”, ask for a repeat. Preferably, a written repeat.

Cross off “nerd girl” – let’s just call it “deaf girl”

And a swift little finale for all you cat-lovers out there:

Know of any other ones? Share! 



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What I Learned This Week + All Posts + Deaf Memes = Week in Review

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What I Learned This Week + All Posts + Deaf Memes = Week in Review | With a Little Moxie

Saturday 1st of September 2012

[...] Hilarious Deaf Memes [...]


Tuesday 28th of August 2012

lol.....i think my ears have dyslexia:-) I'm not deaf or even hearing impaired ( well, I think not ) but so often, I "hear" words incorrectly or turned around. It is easier for me to communicate via the written word as opposed to telephone. So your captions made me laugh.....I could see my self in some of them.


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