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Deaf Blog Posts from Meriah NicholssWelcome!

My name is Meriah Nichols and I am a deaf blogger. This page is a collection of my deaf blog posts – that is, blog posts that are deaf-related .

In the interest of keeping my blog running fast, I have it so that only a few will be loaded at a time; be sure to click on the “load more” button on the bottom to see more posts, and/or use the search bar to look for something in particular.

Also, please comment on posts that you would like to read more of from me, resources or subjects that would be helpful for you.

Deaf Blog Posts:

Dear Hearing World

This is a a video of a poem and performance about being ... Read more

Hearing Fatigue is Real & This is What You Can Do About It

Samsung Commercial for DeafBlind in India: “Caring for the Impossible”

This is about Samsung commercial for DeafBlind in India. The commercial is ... Read more

Here’s How DeafBlind Enjoy Music

This is a post about how DeafBlind enjoy music. It includes a ... Read more

Disabled Moms Interview Project: DeafBlind Mom Lisa Ferris

How to Use Apple Clips for Live Captions

This is a tutorial on how to add live captions to the ... Read more

Nyle DiMarco: That Dangerous Activist, Destroying the Deaf Community

A new post is calling Nyle DiMarco’s campaign for ASL acquisition for deaf kids, “dangerous”

Should You Buy Hearing Aids From Costco?

A pro/con piece on buying hearing aids from Costco

Nyle DiMarco Does it Again with Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings!

Awww, Nyle DiMarco! I love him! Check this out, the backstory behind ... Read more

Why Nyle Di Marco Needs a Wheelchair

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail Nyle DiMarco, man of ultra-hotness, recently ... Read more

The Best Captioned Fitness Programs

This post is about the best captioned fitness programs, focusing on BeachBody. ... Read more

10 Dumb Things the Hearing Say to the Deaf

10 dumb things the hearing say to the deaf… plus the bonus braille menu!

“Deaf Not Disabled” and other Things from “Deaf Out Loud”

This post is about the new reality series, Deaf Out Loud. Watch ... Read more

The Impact of Disability on Siblings : The Story of Dana and Meriah

Here is the story of growing up with my brother Dana, first … Read more

Beyond Children of a Lesser God: 20+ Best Deaf Movies

Affiliate links are in this post! That means that if you buy ... Read more

Getting to Know “Switched at Birth”

I am a member of Netflix #DVDNation. This post contains affiliate links. ... Read more

The Best Sites to Learn ASL Online

Learning ASL has never been so accessible

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Deaf Apps

This is a post about the best deaf apps. That is, the ... Read more

The Deaf Response to Charlottesville

The racists marching in Charlottesville and Trump's support of them has shaken ... Read more

My Medicaid + Healthcare Story

I didn't want to tell this story. I hate talking about this ... Read more

When ASL Products are Made & Sold By Non-Deaf, Does it Hurt the Deaf Community?

I didn't know what else to title this post, but I did ... Read more

4 Reasons to Add Captions to Your Videos & How to Do It on YouTube!

It’s not just for us deaf (but we are important enough for that to be the only reason, right?!)

Gorgeous ASL Audio-Free Music Video of River Lea

Lovely music video

The Real Reason There Were No ASL Interpreters at the Trump Inauguration

Want to know why there were no ASL interpreters at the Trump inauguration?!!

Bad Lipreading

Bad Lipreading: a hilarious spoof of lipreading Yoda in Star Wars

…About Those Sign to Speech Gloves…

I had a lot of people send me the link to the … Read more

“Can You Read My Lips?”: Stuck between deaf and Deaf

living deaf, in between hearing and Deaf worlds.

The Question of d/Deaf Identity

Katherine and I are presenting at SDS this year on Deaf Identity. … Read more

…About That Touching Samsung Deaf Ad…

This is about the Samsung deaf ad, "Hearing Hands." It is an ... Read more

“Far From the Tree”: The Deaf Chapter

Andrew Solomon wrote a book called “Far From the Tree” that was … Read more

2015: The Year of the Deaf Child

2015: The Year of the Deaf Child, guest post by Julie Rems … Read more

The Challenges of Being a Deaf Mother

I was interviewed recently for a hearing magazine and one of the … Read more

Service Dog Q & A

I’ve been in service dog training for this past week and I … Read more

Disability: My Connection

My deaf/disability connection.

A Hearing Dog for Mama!

I have news: I AM GETTING A HEARING DOG!!!! You guys remember ... Read more

The “Broken” Disabled

 You know what really rubs me wrong? Articles written about the “broken” disabled. … Read more

The "Broken" Disabled

You know what really rubs me wrong? Articles written about the “broken” disabled. … Read more

Deaf Truthtelling

My friend Meredith is teaching a class over on Clickin’ Moms – … Read more

8 Sites for Learning ASL Online

I am deaf and I don’t sign beyond a basic level. My … Read more

Morning Video Love & Spine Chills from Super Cool Dancers with Disabilities

Chills down my spine, this guy is so good: WOW, right? His … Read more

Morning Video Love & Spine Chills from Super Cool Dancers with Disabilities

Chills down my spine, this guy is so good: WOW, right? His … Read more

Moxie Hears

Moxie got her ears cleaned and checked this week. That is, the … Read more

Big, Juicy Post on the Evolution of the HEARING AID!

In This Post You Will Find:100 years ago, we had this:Or was … Read more

Deaf Mama Ode to Netflix (a Haiku of Sorts)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX. … Read more

Social Media and Being Deaf

There was a great story on this lady who is, like me, … Read more

When It Sucks to be Deaf

[names have been changed, but that’s it. this is a copy/paste of … Read more

Choosing Moxie

I. The beginning of my pregnancy with Moxie feels jumbled, as I … Read more

Deaf Mama

Mac is curled tight into the crook of my arm every night. … Read more

Signing Time! Deaf Mama, Daughter with Down syndrome and a GIVEAWAY

There is a large sign-language training program in Tucson, Arizona. I know … Read more

Hilarious Deaf Memes

Last week I made a couple deaf memes – …and Mikey liked this one … Read more

Evelyn Glennie: Hearing vs Listening

Evelyn Glennie, the lead percussionist in the London Olympics opening ceremony, is … Read more

The Influence of Disability Within My World

Although I’ve had a disability since I was 4 years old (that … Read more

Hear Me: Video of Deaf African Refugee + Week in Review

This is all kinds of “wow” Isn’t it? **** I was pretty … Read more

Deaf/Dumb Cool Video; John Hockenberry; Photographers with Down syndrome, Rad Links and Week in Review

cross disability news on the blog “week in review”

Deaf/Disability/Special Needs Summer Blog Hop

Summer Disability/ Special Needs Blog Hop: a “hop” of many blogs with disability-related posts

2 Year Old Deaf Boy Hearing Mom For the First Time + Week in Review

Did you see this video yet? It’s of two-year old Cooper hearing … Read more

Week in Review

I find myself far more tired in the growing of this baby … Read more

Disability: My (Deaf) Connection

My deaf/disability connection.

Deaf Music: A Tribute to Donna Summer

We had tall standing speakers when I was a kid. When my … Read more

Review of Signing Time On Demand

Signing Time has a brand-spanking new feature: Signing Time on Demand. Yes, … Read more

Deaf Mama Pride: Signing Like You Mean It

Micah came home from “skooWOL” the other day and was talking about … Read more

Who is Going to Marry First?!: Little Deaf Girls’ Adorable Chat

My former co-worker Haydee sent me this super cute video and I … Read more

Hearing Tests and Hearing Dogs

Most of the time, I cannot recommend being deaf highly enough. It's ... Read more

Sibings, Disability and My Brother, Dana

The first post in a series of posts about siblings of people with disabilities – and the relationships between siblings. This is about my brother Dana and I.