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My name is Meriah Nichols and I am a deaf blogger. This page is a collection of my deaf blog posts – that is, blog posts that are deaf-related .

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Deaf Blog Posts:

The Best Sites to Learn ASL Online

Learning ASL has never been so accessible

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Deaf Apps

This is a post about the best deaf apps in 2018. That is, the most useful, popular and widely-used apps by d/Deaf people. This post is US-focused, and covers only iPhone apps. Best Communication Apps Glide:  for texting and talking. P3 Mobile: for texting, talking and relay services. Includes ASL and clear-speech relays. Google Voice:

The Deaf Response to Charlottesville

The racists marching in Charlottesville and Trump's support of them has shaken America. This type of blatant racism, and top-down support has never been seen before in our lifetimes. There are compelling and educational pieces being produced by major news outlets on all of the Charlottesville unfoldings. They are helpful for understanding, but for me,

The Impact of Disability on Siblings : The Story of Dana and Meriah

People always assume that the impact of disability on siblings is negative. I’m sure my internalized ableism has led me down that road many times as well. Here is the story of growing up with my brother Dana, first published on March 12, 2012. ________________________________________________________________ I went through the windshield of a car when I was four

My Medicaid + Healthcare Story

I didn’t want to tell this story. I hate talking about this stuff – not least because it’s triggering – and not less because it feels humiliating. So why am I telling it? I’m telling it because I think that sometimes, the stories that I am most uncomfortable sharing end up being the ones that

When ASL Products are Made & Sold By Non-Deaf, Does it Hurt the Deaf Community?

I didn't know what else to title this post, but I did want to have it out there and talk about it with you, if possible. Watch this: This stumps me a little. I mean, on one hand, I'm really thrilled when I see products like the ASL "kind" shirt being sold at huge retailers

4 Reasons to Add Captions to Your Videos & How to Do It on YouTube!

It’s not just for us deaf (but we are important enough for that to be the only reason, right?!)

Gorgeous ASL Audio-Free Music Video of River Lea

Lovely music video

The Real Reason There Were No ASL Interpreters at the Trump Inauguration

Want to know why there were no ASL interpreters at the Trump inauguration?!!

Bad Lipreading

Bad Lipreading: a hilarious spoof of lipreading Yoda in Star Wars

Nyle DiMarco: That Dangerous Activist, Bent on Destroying the Deaf Community

A new post is calling Nyle DiMarco’s campaign for ASL acquisition for deaf kids, “dangerous”

About those Sign-to-Speech Gloves (& “Better Than Nothing”)

I had a lot of people send me the link to the news release about two young inventors who have supposedly discovered a way to translate ASL into spoken English. The HuffPo article about it is linked here. Confession: I rolled my eyes when I saw it.  I just couldn’t believe that something like that could

“Can You Read My Lips?”: Stuck between deaf and Deaf

living deaf, in between hearing and Deaf worlds.

The Question of d/Deaf Identity

Katherine and I are presenting at SDS this year on Deaf Identity. We really wanted to talk about it because we have so many questions ourselves, about what is means to be deaf – or Deaf. She wears cochlear implants, I wear hearing aids. She is fluent with ASL, I am not. Neither of us

…About That Touching Samsung Deaf Ad…

This ad by Samsung is going viral – I know this because I was sent it by no less than 5 people and whenever I’m sent something by no less than 5 people, something is seriously going VIRAL! Here it is: The product itself looks cool and I want to know more about it. But

“Far From the Tree”: The Deaf Chapter

Andrew Solomon wrote a book called “Far From the Tree” that was all the rage a couple of years ago. In it, he explores identity through analyzing multiple disabilities, along with homosexuality, children of rape, prodigies and transgendered people. It has taken me literally all this time to work my way through the deaf chapter. Whenever

2015: The Year of the Deaf Child

2015: The Year of the Deaf Child, guest post by Julie Rems Smario ******************** It hit me hard again… The Deaf child rarely tells the stories. If you search for stories about raising Deaf children, you will find stories of hearing mothers and fathers and grandparents of Deaf children. Their stories are focused on impairments,

The Challenges of Being a Deaf Mother

I was interviewed recently for a hearing magazine and one of the questions that they asked me was, “what would you say the greatest challenge of being a deaf mother is?”. The first thing that came to mind was last week. I was sitting on the bench outside of Moxie’s class with Micah and Moxie’s

Service Dog Q & A

I’ve been in service dog training for this past week and I have one week to go. I’m talking 9-5 training and it’s hard catching up to a dog that is smarter than I am. I’ve developed a little Q & A in anticipation of some of the questions you might have about service dogs

Disability: My Connection

My deaf/disability connection.

10 Dumb Things the Hearing Say to the Deaf

10 dumb things the hearing say to the deaf… plus the bonus braille menu!

The "Broken" Disabled

You know what really rubs me wrong? Articles written about the “broken” disabled. You knows what makes the rub worse? When it’s written by a parent of a child with a disability and they are supposedly trying to make things better in the world for their child.   If you have a child with a disability that

Deaf Truthtelling

My friend Meredith is teaching a class over on Clickin’ Moms – check it out – it’s more than interesting; it’s fascinating. I don’t want to talk much about it since that would be giving it away and I think you should just sign up since it’s worth it – but the major thing she

Morning Video Love & Spine Chills from Super Cool Dancers with Disabilities

Chills down my spine, this guy is so good: WOW, right? His name is Dergin Tokmak “Stix” – Axis and a host of other organizations had this video floating around this morning… Then, a comment from a Full Radius dancer in response to my post on Saturday about Axis founder/dancer, Bonnie Lewkowicz , led me

Big, Juicy Post on the Evolution of the HEARING AID!

In This Post You Will Find:100 years ago, we had this:Or was it this?:Then we got this:… which was right before we moved over to BEIGE:BEIGE has been one huge wet blanket on hearing hotness.YOU ARE DEAF! Hide it! Get a “neutral” hearing aid, no one will even notice  it!Oooh, sexy.Sleek. An earring. A hearing aid. A

Social Media and Being Deaf

There was a great story on this lady who is, like me, a fierce deaf lipreader and she wrote about what a great equalizer Facebook has been for her. That it allows her to participate in ways she’d never be able to, in real life. (the story is here) I couldn’t agree more with everything

When It Sucks to be Deaf

[names have been changed, but that’s it. this is a copy/paste of an email exchange] Hi “Jane”, “Mary” of the IDSC said that you are all ready for me, re: captioning for the town hall on Tuesday. Great! So what do I need to do? Thanks, Meriah   Hi Meriah: Any chance you could call

Deaf Mama

Mac is curled tight into the crook of my arm every night. It’s a tender scene, I’m sure – his small warm body snuggled into my own. I’m sure it’s also a scene that every granola-eating “family bed” proponent of a new age Berkeley hippie warms up to. It’s not why I do it though.

Hilarious Deaf Memes

Last week I made a couple deaf memes – …and Mikey liked this one (- he used to call my hearing aids my “chastity belt”) These ones I found around the internet – I think they are pretty great too: I am pretty sure my voicemail message does say that. Oh yeah, baby. Remember the Chinese people

Evelyn Glennie: Hearing vs Listening

Evelyn Glennie, the lead percussionist in the London Olympics opening ceremony, is deaf – she lost most of her hearing when she was 12. I had stumbled across her years ago and of course, loved her in an instant. Evelyn Glennie is, in a nutshell,  a thinking bad-ass parcel of Scottish coolness who shimmers talent.

The Influence of Disability Within My World

Although I’ve had a disability since I was 4 years old (that we know of anyway), I was mainstreamed at all times. In my family, “disability” was something reserved for people who used wheelchairs. The answer to any disability-related issue I may have had growing up was invariably: try a little harder God only gives

Deaf/Dumb Cool Video; John Hockenberry; Photographers with Down syndrome, Rad Links and Week in Review

cross disability news on the blog “week in review”

Deaf/Disability/Special Needs Summer Blog Hop

Summer Disability/ Special Needs Blog Hop: a “hop” of many blogs with disability-related posts

2 Year Old Deaf Boy Hearing Mom For the First Time + Week in Review

Did you see this video yet? It’s of two-year old Cooper hearing his mother for the first time, after receiving cochlear implants. I think it’s awfully cute and yet I’m on the fence about the whole “rejoice because he’s not deaf anymore” sentiment. I don’t get the sense that many people realize that being deaf

Special Needs + Disability Blog Hop: Optional Prompts

Summer Blog Hop Series: Disability and Special Needs posts

Week in Review

I find myself far more tired in the growing of this baby than I was in the growing of my others. I boil it down to having older bones and perhaps also to Miss Moxie being a rambunctious two-year old and Micah being so full o’ fire. My mind is stretched tight with his endless

Review of Signing Time On Demand

Signing Time has a brand-spanking new feature: Signing Time on Demand. Yes, I am happy about this, and I'll be even happier about it when we leave the US and are entirely dependent on this kind of internet-based feature.   They are promoting Signing Time On Demand by hosting an iPad giveaway with downloads –

Hearing Tests and Hearing Dogs

Most of the time, I cannot recommend being deaf highly enough. It’s such a godsend to be able to reach up and turn my doodads (hearing aids) off when the kid’s screaming gets to be too much. When I think I might lose my cool because they are being overwhelmingly…. annoying. When I just need

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