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Scholarships for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A Huge Guide

This is a resource post with direct links to scholarships for deaf and hard of hearing students. It is clearly and easily organized, and includes general disability scholarships that are also open for us who are deaf or hard of hearing. Accessing higher education can be challenging. We all know that in and of itself,…

hearing fatigue: 10 things to help with listening fatigue for people with hearing loss
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Hearing Fatigue is Real & This is What You Can Do About It

This is about hearing fatigue – also known as listening fatigue. That is, the fatigue that comes from straining to hear when you’ve got hearing loss. This post includes tips for parents of deaf children and for deaf adults in how to resolve and prevent hearing fatigue. What is Hearing Fatigue (or Listening Fatigue)? I’m going…

tips for universal access at conferences: image of a conference room with light streaming in. there are many chairs surrounding very long tables and big windows
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Tips for Universal Design in Academic Conferences

This is about universal design in academic conferences. It contains specific suggestions for how to improve universal access, that while specifically geared towards academic conferences, is applicable to all meetings This essay is available in distraction-free (- no ads) at the end of this post for people who benefit from access to PDF’s. Disability and Universal…

Cross Disability Groups on Facebook: image of a woman with brown skin and her hair in a bun, sitting in front of a desktop computer. The woman is in a wheelchair and appears to be typing. Text reads, "Where the Cross Disability Groups on Facebook Are"
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The Best Disability Groups on Facebook For PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES!

This is about the best disability groups on Facebook FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. It’s available in distraction-free (- no ads) PDF for my patrons, linked here. It’s also at the end of this post for people who benefit from access to PDFs. Cross-Disability Community on Facebook “Cross disability” means all disability. It means inclusive of all…

how to add live captions on apple clips. image description: pink background with an image of a woman talking on the phone with a text bubble reading "how to set up live captions (auto transcribing) on apple clips)
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How to Use Apple Clips for Live Captions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_message message_box_style=”outline” style=”round” message_box_color=”turquoise”]This is a tutorial on how to add live captions to the free app,  Apple clips. I’m going to cover how to add set it to live transcribe what you are saying, and how you can edit the “craptions,” or what was recorded in error.[/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is the thing: I can rarely understand…

disability organizations that rock! - image of blue background with red alternating strips ending in a red circle. a pink ball is behind a pink globe with white disability icons (- person using wheelchair, person with cane, brain, signing hands, etc). text reads "disability organizations that rock!" in curved, black text
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The Disability Organizations Doing the Best Work These Days

This is a list of the best disability organizations – that is, organizations doing great work with disability. It is updated from an original 2018 list. This is a handy list to have for Giving Tuesday, or if you want to connect with a great organization for an internship, do research on what leaders in…

speech to text apps: a man with glasses has his mouth open and letters are flying out
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The Best Speech to Text Apps for Live Captions & Recording

This post is about the best speech to text apps and is updated from a 2020 post. Affiliate links may be present – doesn’t cost you more, helps keep this blog going and does not affect my rating of the product (- I use captions too; I’m not going to recommend junk for the sake…

disability resources: dredf (image of white background, dredf logo which is red text reading "DREDF" and black text reading "disability rights education & defense fund"; bottom corner has a black thumbs up with a red heart over it; top right has 3 hearts and on the top of the image is a grey bar with red text that reads, "know your disability rights * know your disability resources" and in black below the red text, reads, "during COVID-19"
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Know Your Disability Rights and Disability Resources: DREDF

This is a quick post to let you know about DREDF’s amazing resource and advocacy page. This is available in a downloadable PDF for my patrons, linked here. It’s also at the end of this post for people who benefit from access to PDF’s, along with the MP3 of me reading this post through my…

how to use air pods as hearing aids
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How to Use Air Pods as Hearing Aids

This is about how to use Apple Air Pods as hearing aids using live listen. It includes step by step video instruction and image instruction for enabling live listen, and information on which devices work with live listen as well as which headphones. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Meriah is Unpacking…

how to get a free disability movie companion pass
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How to Get a Free Movie Disability Companion Pass

This is about how to get a free disability companion pass at a movie theatre. I love going to the movies, and I love taking my kids to the movies. I love everything about it: the experience of being excited to see something, the anticipation while waiting in line. I love the comforting feel of…

How to Get Your Free National Parks Disability Access Pass or the Military Pass or 4th Grade Pass
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How to Get Your FREE Lifetime National Parks Disability Access Pass (Military & 4th Grade Too)

This is about how to get a FREE lifetime National Parks Disability Access Pass. If you are serving with US Military or a 4th grader, you can also qualify for a free annual Parks Pass, and this post will show you how to do it! America has 61 protected areas known as National Parks and…

song lyrics on Spotify and where to find them: green background with Spotify logo repeated four times (green circle with curved bar stacked three times); in the center is a smartphone with the Spotify app open)
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Spotify Has Song Lyrics Now (And This is Where You Find Them!)

[vc_row color=”” message_box_style=”outline” style=”round” message_box_color=”info” icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-info-circle” icon_monosocial=”vc-mono vc-mono-fivehundredpx” icon_openiconic=”” icon_typicons=”” icon_entypo=”” icon_linecons=”” icon_pixelicons=””][vc_column][vc_message message_box_style=”outline” style=”round”]This a how-to post: how to find the Spotify song lyrics (available for ALL Spotify accounts, paid and free!), and how to enable the Spotify lyrics, as well as what the lyrics look like.[/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’m deaf and I love music….

FaceTime Captions and How to Turn On FaceTime Captions - image of a person's back as they face a phone and talk to a friend on FaceTime
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FaceTime Has Captions! Here’s How to Enable Them

This is a post on FaceTime captions, and a brief tutorial on how to turn on them on. This is updated from March 2022. Captions are the text in a video that relay what is being said. I am deaf and I lipread, so they are very helpful in supplementing what I miss, either through…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Medicare: red background, girl with dark brown skin and cat eye glasses and floral top has hand on face in thoughtful position, her braided hair is pulled back. White text reads, "everything you want to know about" in cursive, and under, in block outline, "medicare". blank medicare cards and a social security card float next to the image of the girl. at the bottom reads ""
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Medicare

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Medicare By Kathleen Downes This is a very comprehensive post about Medicare: the parts of Medicare, what it covers, what the parts of Medicare mean, who is eligible, how to get Medicare if you are disabled, how to purchase plans in Medicare, and much more. This might be…

How to set up an ABLE account for disability saving
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How to Open an ABLE Account: Save Money and Keep Disability Benefits

This is a post about how to open an ABLE account. It is a neutral post, not committed to any one type of ABLE account. It is a source of information and is not sponsored in any way. What is An ABLE Account? “ABLE” is an acronym meaning “Achieving a Better Life Experience”. ABLE accounts…

enabling live captions on chrome: image of a woman with light skin and brown hair and eyes pointing to a computer screen and looking back with a faint smile
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How to Enable Live Captions in Google Chrome

This is a resource post on Google Chrome live captions, what the chrome live captions are, what they look like, and how to enable them. I was stunned to discover that Google has just stepped up the accessibility game by introducing an awesome new feature in Chrome – Live Captions! This is pretty amazing, you…