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Welcome to the Deaf/Disability/Special Needs Summer Blog Hop Series!

This series will be running until the end of August. There is an (entirely optional) prompt posted each Wednesday along with a (highly optional) photo to play with and riff off. You are more than welcome to post anything that is deaf/disability/special needs related from a past post on your blog – the only “rule” is that it must be deaf/disability/special needs related (you yourself do not need to be a “disability/special needs” blogger; just your post needs to be relevant).

** the links are open for a week – this week’s will close next Tuesday, June 19th. Plenty of time to post something new or original **

This week’s optional prompt was suggested by Melissa Stoltz:

That is, What is your take on therapy or Early Intervention from birth to 3 years old? In adapting that question, please bend it to suit your perspective – for example, what is your take on speech therapy for the deaf? Or what is your take on “special needs” therapy groups for really little kids?

And if you want to post a link to something completely different, that’s fine too. It’s all good,within the deaf/disability/special needs writing realm.

The blank photo for you to have some fun with:

* to use it, just open to a new window and right-click save. Upload to picmonkey and add comic bubble, fill it in with text, VOILA!, repost on your blog and post the direct link to your post below.

  • If you’d like to suggest a prompt, please email or leave a comment.
  • For more on what a Blog Hop is – go here
  • To read the past couple of hops, go here

Ready…set… LET’S HOP!


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  1. Is it too late to get on the blog hop? I would love to join although I have no idea how! My daughter has undiagnosed developmental delays and I write about it over at Please message me if I can join! Thanks, Meredith

  2. “We are here to assess the child.” Sooo funny! My husband and I were just discussing the whole early intervention program and how strange it can be. Maybe it’s just weird to those of us who have disabilities and know what’s really going on.

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