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Welcome to the first-ever Disability Blog Hop on With a Little Moxie – this is a hop for bloggers who are advocates, people with disabilities and/or have a connection with disability through blogging. That includes Down syndrome bloggers, Deaf bloggers, blind bloggers, bloggers without a disability but who have a loved one with a disability. Bloggers with all and every type of physical/mental disability. If I missed you in this description, holla but the point I hope has been made: the spectrum of disability is huge and this hop is for everyone.

The point of the hop is to connect and share. Meet new people. Create community.

The optional prompt for this week:

– tell me more about your connection with disability.

Since the spectrum for disability (and our representation within) is so broad, this prompt is open to absolutely any way you'd like to interpret it – or not. You don't have to use it.

Blank photo of Captain Kirk if you want to spoof and riff:

(one way to create a talk bubble – just open the photo in a new window, right-click save; upload to picmonkey and open the "comic bubble" piece – add what you want, save and re-upload. Easy peas, right?)

Now, let's have some fun. Just add the link you'd like to include for this hop, then have fun browsing the other links.

New prompt for next week will be up on Monday. If you'd like me to email it to you, send me an email letting me know – I'd be glad to remind anyone that wants it.

In the "linky" link, it has a big box for a "photo description" – in there, please include your blog name, your name, and the title of the post you are featuring if possible. Still ironing out kinks!


Please Share

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  1. This is awesome Meriah! I am so unprepared today, but will try and have something for next week. These days it feels like a constant struggle to find time for everything. But I am excited to hop around tonight after I get Cora to bed.

    1. Leah – how about you choose an older post you like of yours? You don’t have to come up with something fresh – that is all totally optional.
      I’d love to see your voice this week. It’s open till next Tuesday; plenty of time.
      🙂 meriah

  2. Sscalcano says:

    My addition to the Captain 🙂

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