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Disability Blogs

Disability blogs that are BY people with disabilities. This goes across the disability spectrum – you’ll see blogs by blind, deaf, physically disabled. It is neuro-diverse.

This is NOT a list of blogs that are about disability, per se; rather, the blogs all have an intersection of disability in common.

This is a small collection of disability blogs, but will hopefully grow as more people add theirs to the list.

Please join, share and visit other’s blogs. And come on over to join the Facebook group, The Federation of Disabled Bloggers, and hashtag your photos on Instagram to the 365 Days with Disability project (the photo project that is by and for the disability community).

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  1. Add “Hearing Elmo”. Denise Portis, the author of the blog, is a cochlear-implanted late-deafened lady with Menieres. Like you, Meriah, she is an amazing advocate! Her blog is very real.

    1. Sounds great, Kerry (and thanks for the compliment!) – please add it! I’ve set up the list so that everyone can directly add either their favorite blogs by a person with a disability, or their own (if they are a blogger with a disability). Thanks again!

  2. I just emailed Denise at Hearing Elmo as I wasn’t comfortable putting her link on your page without her permission. It’s in the queue, but if you could refrain from posting it until you or I hear back from her, that would be great! Thank you!

  3. Love this list. You can add mine since I am a mom of a child with Down syndrome and severely food allergic kiddo. My blog is not entirely about living with a disability. I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy your blog!

    1. sorry I meant to say CAN’T I guess I shouldn’t be typing after my glass of wine, oops.

  4. KIM jACKSON says:

    Thank you so much for this blog and info. I just became disabled three and a half years ago due to a near fatal wreck. Before the wreck I blogged all the time as well as doing other forms of writing. After the wreck I stopped writing period. I was learning how to take on my new life (I am a quad incomplete now) and felt what did I have to offer as a woman in her forties coping with disability. As time has gone on I have the desire to blog about my life and some of the hurdles that has popped up on my new path but have been afraid it would come off as me complaining. I am coming to see that it isn’t complaining but educating the world thanks to the list you gave. Thank you so much. I will be back to give my blog address once I set everything up.

  5. I love your blog, I will pin this. Feel free to add my blog too, i’m talking about blindness and relationships, etc. lifestyle stuff. What theme you use? Are you using WordPress? Thanks!

  6. I have a friend that has been in a wheelchair for a year now. She is my inspiration. My problems r nothing compared to hers. But she can still take care of her. I would love to help her achieve more and explore. I want to get her a chair that can help us do more but not sure how to do this. She’s a t4 I think. Any advice would help. I can’t afford nothing cause I got my life to do. I see her everyday just for company even if it’s in silence. She makes me want to do more and more with life. She doesn’t realize how she inspires me I tell her but she’s like yaya. She gets down but says fuck it just cause she don’t got legs she can cope. She wants to swim but can’t she wants to do a lot. I want to show her that she still can but how I’m looking for a do it all chair. I’ll work for it for charity. But she don’t want to be looked at as a charity case. How do make someone like her not feel that way.

  7. Disability can happen to anyone it doesn’t depend on the status of any person. Disability can be of various types whether it is blindness, physical disability it can impact a person both mentally and financially. Thank god i am in USA where social security schemes are applicable for people suffering from any kind of disability.

  8. Worth reading!! Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. I would like to add some more helpful resources to the list: http://www.sunshine.org They provide housing for the people with developmental disabilities. There are also several employment options available for people with disabilities. Hope this information will help!! Thanks!!

  9. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!


  10. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing the informative post with us about disability.

  11. This is great. I love seeing people who give minds and help people with disabilities. I will check the blogs so I can understand disabilities better.

  12. It’s nice to know how this group helps others, especially people with disabilities—hoping for the best for all of you!

    1. Could you please help me, my daughter’s school implements an absenteeism policy that grants the teachers to give an F in a semester for being absent or tardy, they even try to send her to face a judge in juvenile court. the problem is that she has all the medical documents to excuse her absences, and she is on the 504 plan, she has autism and ADHD .but the school administration changes the attendance record because i refused to put her in virtual school, The high school pushes the parents of kids with disability especially the mental type through this method or calling social services, because the school cares about sports mainly. My kid has autism and in the same time is gifted but since the arrival of the new principal last year, the disabled kids have been targeted, to the point that they use physical violence . My daughter was physically moved from a bathroom by a security officer when she was scared and had an anxiety attack. I was told my daughter is a liability.
      I started a petition trying to change the policy that harm our kids, I would appreciate your signature. https://chng.it/9YvJvsZq5C and if you have any advice who to contact, I have already contacted the person in charge of the 504 and IEP in my city, but she didn’t care and was useless, and the only thing she offered was to organize a meeting for me and the teachers. this has been an issue since last year and no change.

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