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100+ Disability Groups on Facebook That You’ve Been Looking For

100+ Disability Groups on Facebook That You’ve Been Looking For

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This is about the best disability groups on Facebook.

Disability Community on Facebook

Disability community is crucial and is a powerful way for those of us with disabilities to make friendships from within our own respective disability communities and cross-disability.

It’s a way to find solutions to problems that are disability-specific, receive support and a laugh (or three) at memes that only those who have our same disability truly “get.”

In a world that is often difficult for us to navigate and a world that has many of us internalizing our own ableism, Facebook disability groups can feel like islands of safety and solace.

And in those islands of safety and solace are spaces to learn and unlearn, opportunities to challenge ourselves to grow and connect in new and exciting ways.

A note about the “safe spaces” of facebook groups: please read the tips at the end of this post on ways to stay safe in Facebook groups. You can also download the tips here

Disability groups below have direct links the groups. Most are private, some are secret and a few are public. Please check the group settings before you get too comfortable in them! Remember that what you say in a public group can be seen across the board, for anyone (- including your employer) to see!

Here they are. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Cross Disability Groups

Cross-Disability Interest-Specific Groups


Down Syndrome Related Groups on Facebook

A complete post with all the groups linked:

Down Syndrome Groups on Facebook (

Safety in Facebook Groups

3 Things to Remember When Engaging in a Facebook Group!

      1. Privacy settings

While enjoying a group, it’s always a good idea to triple-check the group privacy settings.

If a group is public, it means that everything you post can be seen by all of your friends and all of the world.

2. Remember that people can take screenshots of what you post

Not to to get paranoid about what you post, but it’s a good idea to keep that kernel of truth in the back of your head.

People take screenshots. In some groups they ask that you not, or have members promise to not take screenshots, but promises can be broken. Think before you post!

3. All the Common Sense Stuff

      • Be careful with who you message or become friends with from groups.
      • Report things that look suspicious.
      • Be wary of anything that involves money.

MORE on Safety: linked here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.