Disability’s a thread that runs through our lives, much like culture does on other blogs. It’s an element but not the point. The point to our lives is to live them to fullest, not to talk about each and every “disabled” moment. So saying this, the very nature of my life, Moxie’s life and my previous line of work do lend themselves well to resource-collection, which in all good conscious, I should share. I am no expert; it should go without saying that these are just my opinions on books and links related to disability.Without further ado, let’s plunge in, by disability:



The Unheard

A Journey into the Deaf-World

Listen with the Heart

My Sense of Silence

Reading Between the Signs

If You Could Hear What I See

Signs of Resistance


Disability Culture/History/Activism:

Nothing About Us Without Us

The Disability Rights Movement

No Pity

Make Them Go Away

Forgotten Crimes

Why I Burned My Book

The Ragged Edge Moving Over the Edge


Epilepsy: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

TBI: Where is the Mango Princess?

Cerebral Palsy: The Question of David

Blind: My Path Leads to Tibet

Muscular Distrophy: Too Late to Die Young

Tourettes: Icy Sparks

Quadriplegia: The Body Silent, Waist High in the World

Post-Polio: The Diary of Frida Kahlo

Depression: Prozac Nation

Psychiatric: Girl, Interrupted, Invisible Man



If you have book recommendations, I’d love to hear them! Please send me a note (below)

and if you have any specific questions related to disability, especially the ones I am most familiar with by dint of experience, just ask (below)

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