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Being a mom is at the core of who I am.

As a mom with disabilities, my path through motherhood has been full of learning curves: learning curves that deal with my own disabilities and learning curves that deal with my kid’s disabilities (that are different from my own).

I’ve always been eager to connect with other moms across the disability spectrum. Sure, I know dads count too – but my interest is primarily in connecting with other moms.

I started to write something along the lines of how us moms grow our babies in our bodies, and how our bodies are fundamentally affected by being a mother… but then I thought of disabled moms that I know who adopted, and changed my line of writing. Because they count too.

I guess it’s not just about growing a baby yourself: it’s about all the things that wrap us up in being a mother: what we faced along the way. Our hopes and dreams. Accommodations, figuring stuff out. The prejudice we have dealt with and continue to deal with. The fear that all of us seem to have of having our kids taken from us. These are things that us moms in the disability community face over and over again, and it’s what makes me feel so connected to my sisters across the disability spectrum who are mothers, biological or otherwise.

Disabled Moms Interview Project

I used Mother’s Day as an excuse to ask for interviews with other disabled moms. I’d love to keep interviews going with moms, and see how we can talk more about all of the pieces of our lives, flesh them out, make known our truths.

If you are a disabled mom, please connect with me to share your story.

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