Disorderly Eating: Common Problems People Have With Food

Considering the fact that you simply can’t live without it, it’s surprising to see just how many problems can surround food. Even ignoring the worldwide implications of famine and food shortages, those in developed societies have their own set of problems, and a lot of them directly relate to mental health. Of course, though, it can be hard to know when you’re suffering from something like this. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the most common eating disorders found in the modern world, giving you some hints and tips to not only notice them in yourself, but be able to take action.

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Most people have heard of anorexia, and will have some idea of what it is, but probably won’t understand how complicated something like this can be. When someone is suffering with a condition like this, it isn’t a simple urge not to eat which they have to fight. Instead, people in this position aren’t able to see themselves as they truly are. Instead, always thinking they are overweight, they will eat foods which are designed to restrict caloric intake and provide less nutrients. Eventually, this can lead to becoming dangerously underweight, causing all manner of other health issues.

This condition mostly affects women, particularly when they are at school and going through puberty. Being able to tell whether or not you are suffering with this shouldn’t be too hard. By weighing yourself on a regular basis, you will be able to tell which direction your weight is going in. It will be hard to push yourself to gain in the beginning, and it will be worth looking to simply maintain the same weight. As time goes on, though, you will find it easier to get yourself into a healthy position, and resources like this guide tells you all you need to know to help you to diet properly when recovering from anorexia.


Like anorexia, most people have an idea of what comes with something like bulimia. This is far more complicated than forcing yourself to throw up after each meal, though, with a lot of those suffering with this also having to deal with compulsive eating. Binges can be to the degree that those with this condition will often be left feeling pain and discomfort in their belly. In an effort to ease this feeling and make up for the extra calories being consumed, purging will then occur. This can come in the form of fasting, throwing up, and loads of other methods which will vary from person to person.

The challenge which comes with a disorder like this is that you will often maintain a normal weight when you’re going through it. Of course, you will be able to tell if you feel compelled to eat far too much, but a lot of people fail to recognise this as a mental condition. If you spot something like this in your eating patterns, it will be worth seeking help as soon as possible. While the initial impact of bulimia may seem small, going through this process all the time will be incredibly bad for your body, impacting your health of years to come. Most doctors will be happy to talk to you about eating disorders.


Having only been recently recognised as an eating disorder, not a lot of people have heard about those suffering with pica. It is so unheard of, in fact, that even those suffering with it will often have no idea. This condition takes a sufferer’s mind away from eating food, and onto consuming things which fall into other categories. Ice, stones, and hair are all common examples of what those with this condition may feel compelled to eat. Of course, this is very bad for your body, with these sorts of materials forcing your stomach to work hard just to avoid being damaged.

Once you know what pica is, you will easily be able to tell whether or not you are suffering with it. The next steps, though, can be a little harder to manage, with seeing a therapist often being one of the only options to help you out. Along with this, you could also consider keeping yourself far away from the materials which entice you the most. A lot of people feel shame when they are suffering with something like this, and won’t want to talk about it as a result. This is a shame, though, as it will limit the help which can be given to you.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is by far the most common eating disorder in the modern world. Like pica, it has only recently been officially recognised as an eating disorder, and that means that very few people are away that they have something treatable when they are suffering with it. This is similar to bulimia, and will involve eating large amounts of food while feeling very little self control. Unlike bulimia, though, people suffering with binge eating won’t limit their caloric intake in any way. This means that you will almost always gain weight if you find yourself with this, and most sufferers will be either overweight or obese.

This sort of issue is often developed during childhood, and can come as a result of the upbringing you’ve had, especially if your home had a heavy emphasis on snacking. Once you’re an adult, overcoming it can be a much bigger challenge than people realise. Dieting alone won’t be enough, with the compulsion to snack overcoming your desire to lose weight. Instead, it will also be worth exercising, as this will give you another very good reason to keep your diet in the right shape. Food is a hard thing for most people to give up, especially when you are used to binge eating each day.

What Causes Disorders?

There are a number of key issues which are common causes of these sorts of disorders. When it comes to anorexia and bulimia, body dysmorphia is found all the time, with people seeing their bodies as different to reality. Stress, depression, and even something like bullying can also push someone down a route like this, though. With the amount of likely causes of eating disorders, it’s always worth being aware of the patterns you’re following, while also listening to friends if they express concern about it.

When you have a family behind you, you will be responsible for more than just your own eating. These problems are extremely common in teenagers, as this is a time in life when people will be most worried about their bodies, and will find it hardest to keep it under control. If you notice your kids suffering, it will be worth taking action straight away. It can feel strange talking to someone about something like this, even when they are a family member. This will be well worth it, though, as you could save them from a huge amount of suffering.

Eating disorders are becoming increasingly common in the modern world. Some people blame this on the media, while others think that it is the result of greater awareness surrounding these issues. Either way, it’s critical that you make sure that you aren’t living with one. When people go for years without controlling things like this, it can be incredibly difficult to get back out of it, leaving them to live with issues which they really don’t need. Of course, if you need help with this, it could be worth spending some reading about the condition impacting your life.