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Information on Medicare coverage of hearing aids.

Short answer:

It can. But whether or not Medicare covers hearing aids depends on what kind of Medicare you have.

More Complete Answer:

Original Medicare (Part A, hospital insurance and Part B, medical insurance) DO NOT cover hearing aids or exams for fitting hearing aids.

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) MIGHT help with some of the costs, but you need to check what your specific plan covers because all of the Medicare Advantage plans are different.

  • Some Medicare Advantage plans charge an extra monthly fee to access hearing aid benefits 
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans charge a copay for plan-approved hearing aid purchases through their in-network provider. 
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans may allow for a maximum dollar amount toward the purchase of hearing aids
  • Find what your Medicare Advantage plan covers in the Evidence of Coverage document that you get with the Medicare Advantage plan you choose.

Personal Story on Medicare Advantage and Hearing Aids:

Like I’m saying in the video below, I have medicare advantage. I pay Kaiser an extra $35 every month that was to get me a pair of hearing aids every 3 years. Well, one of my hearing aids broke recently. Costco no longer sells Phonic (- my hearing brand) at all, and the model isn’t covered by Kaiser. I can’t get the hearing aid fixed. I can’t buy a single replacement either.

So, I went to Kaiser to tap into my medicare advantage and get the pair of hearing aids I had been paying towards. Well… turns out a SINGLE hearing aid – the CHEAPEST single hearing aid – at Kaiser costs $1750.00. ONE HEARING AID. Two hearing aids would be well over $3000.00, for the cheapest models.

I’m paying $35 a month, for $1500 of hearing ware once every 3 years. That means I pay $1260 every 3 years for $1500 worth. Not a great deal. I hope yours is better than mine.

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