Does Your Boss Care About Your Disability?

We all want to work in an environment that’s supportive, challenging, and which allows us to be the best version of ourselves. Alas, this isn’t always possible. If you’ve got a disability, you may unfairly be rejected from jobs that you are more than qualified to do. But even if you get into the organization, there are no guarantees that it’s going to be everything that you’d hope it would be. People from all backgrounds can tell stories about a boss that treated them like a piece of meat. When you have a disability, it can make things even more difficult. Below, we take a look at a few things that may suggest that your boss doesn’t care about your disability as much as he or she should.


Lack of Accommodation

You’ll have all the necessary skills needed to perform the task you’ve been hired for. But you may need a little bit of extra help so that you’re able to actually do it. This could involve using a special computer, or any other type of modified equipment which are available for people. On a more basic level, you might have no difficulty whatsoever performing the job, but trouble accessing the worksite. How your boss responds to these issues will be a big indicator of how serious they are about your condition.

Not Taking it Seriously

The boss’ hand may be forced into giving you the tools you need to work properly, but there could still be an issue. You can’t judge a person by the things they do that they’re forced by law to do. If they’re talking negatively about your condition or somehow indicating that it’s an inconvenience for them and the company, then that’ll be a big flag that maybe they’re not as caring as they should be.

No Workplace Safety

It’s important that a boss looks after the safety of their employers. However, even though they’re required by law to do so, many cut corners that put their employees at risk. If you have a disability, then these “cut corners” might put you at even greater risk. If you’re injured on the job and you think the incident was avoidable, then get help from The Dolman Law Group. They’ll work with you to ensure that you get justice. Some workers avoid taking action against their employer because, well, they’re the boss, but they are covered against this kind of thing – and in any case, they didn’t hesitate to put their employees in danger; you shouldn’t worry too much about their feelings.

Pushed to the Fringes

An employer might seem promising to begin with, but slowly show themselves to be not who you thought they are. If they’re frustrated by your disability, they may start giving projects to other team members, and begin pushing you to the fringes of the organization. Make sure you’re standing up for yourself and not letting your professional dreams get trampled by someone who isn’t as caring as they ought to be.