Don’t Let A Disability Get You Down


Suffering from a disability is pretty painstaking in lots of ways. Whether you’re born with it or it develops over time, it’s so easy to think “why me?” It’s as if someone is playing a cruel game at your expense and the expense of others. If only things were different.

A person’s attitude affects their mental health, so letting a disability get you down means part of the war is lost. Suddenly, you can fall into a depression spiral which is impossible to stop, and that makes life even tougher.

Fighting back is the best option, and below are four ways to do. Here’s how not to let disability define you as a person.

Don’t Give Up

What the doctor says is important but it isn’t the final word. Just look at the recent long-term abortion of the baby with spina bifida. If the parents-to-be had done more research without taking the doctor’s opinion as fact, they might have acted differently. The key is not to let a diagnosis make it seem as if it’s the end of the world. Bodies are wonderfully complicated things and miracles happen, which is why you need to keep fighting. Go to physical therapy, try new medicines, and live a healthy lifestyle to try and beat the disease.

Look Around

Obviously, the above is easier to say than to do when you’re dealing with your health. Sometimes, getting out of bed is difficult so fighting tooth and nail is almost impossible. When times are tough, it’s imperative to find inspiration in any place possible. Often, the smartest move is to look to other people with disabilities who manage to maintain a wonderful lifestyle regardless. Their example will be enough to prove to you that it’s possible and that you should never stop fighting.

Embrace Technology

Thankfully, society is based on technology. In some ways, it’s dangerous but for people with a disability, it’s a Godsend. As equipment and procedures get better, those who aren’t able-bodied have access to practices that relieve the pressure. Deaf people or those who are partially hard of hearing are excellent case studies. Don’t let hearing loss ruin your life – instead, use a hearing aid to pick up the noises and sounds. That way, your quality of life is boosted. Technology helps an array of people across a broad spectrum, so it’s important to keep up to date and ask your physician for more info.

Lean On Others

There will be hard times when it’s easy to slip into a negative spiral. In many ways, they are inevitable in the same way they are with any person. Life is no walk in the park. The key is to lean on people in your time of need. Whether it’s family, friends or nurses, they are there to help and make you feel better. Without a support group, it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook and look to the future with optimism.

Dealing with a disability is challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible thanks to a support group, role models, and high-quality technology.