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Hey guys! Look what is coming up: OCTOBER! Which of course means DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH here in the United States, also known as “The Month in Which We Cram Everything Down syndrome Related into 31 Days!”

You know you dig it. *wink wink*

So here’s what I’m going to cram into the month:

  1. I’ve written a lot about Down syndrome, and I’ll be posting older essays on my Facebook page over the course of October.
  2. I’ll also be writing an update on Moxie’s life for A Day in the Life with Down syndrome.
  3. I’ll be sharing cool posts and things that I find online related to Down syndrome on the “Day in the Life with Down syndrome” Facebook page.
  4. I’ll be tagging my own photos of Moxie #lifewithDs on Instagram so that the Life with Ds account is pumped, and
  5. I’ll feature photos from that account on the Day in the Life with Down syndrome Facebook page
  6. I’ll be selling my t-shirts again!
  7. If you post stories of your daily life (if you have Down syndrome) or your loved one’s daily life (with Down syndrome) and you send it to me at or through this page, I’ll format it, get it up and make sure your featured photo works on social media!
  8. I’m going to help promote my friend Michelle’s “31 for 21″ blogging project. See #3.
  9. I’ll probably write something for Huffington Post.
  10. I’ll definitely write something for Two Thirds of the Planet.

That’s it from my end. I know there are likely to be lots of other things going on – you probably want to check the IDSC and The Down syndrome Diagnosis Network┬ápages to get your game fully going.

Ready… set? BRING OCTOBER ON!!!


Here are the handy links for you:

A Day in the Life with Down syndrome (stories and also home of Down syndrome Blogs)

Instagram: Life with Ds (hashtag your photos #lifewithDs to be part of the project and to be featured)

31 for 21

A Day in the Life with Down syndrome on Facebook – add your blog posts, photos and stories to this community page

Come on and buy my Chromosome Shirt!



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