There was a woman who passed us yesterday as we were waiting to cross a wide, dirt-packed street in San Quintin. She was in the passenger’s side of a small blue pickup truck, a child was in her arms, she was looking out the window. The wind caressed the flowing black hair off of her lovely face, the light played against her perfect brown skin. She seemed like she was day dreaming about something that lent her an aura of wistfulness.

I wondered what she was thinking about. I wondered what it would be like to be her, to be riding in a small blue pickup with a man wearing a cowboy hat driving, embracing a child on my lap. To be looking out the window and feeling the wind and light on my face.

I wondered what she wanted to be when she was younger, if this was the life she dreamed of. How many of us live the lives we dream of? How many of us look out the window and into the dreams of our mind? How many of us know what our dreams actually are? How many of us have them pushed down into the crevasses within our hearts, yearnings sealed like a stamp upon hot wax?



The road puts me into those reveries, I think it puts all of us there. But it’s a good-feeling place, now that we are THIS side of where we want to be, now that we have crossed that river of hot coals, now that we have given up everything we had for everything we want.

For big dreams.


Speaking of big dreams – and not to be flippant – we had been dreaming of baked clams for a long, long time. Since we had last stopped in at that little roadside shack, in fact (that story is here). Two years is a while though – we had no idea if the place would still be there at all, and if it was, if we even remembered it as good as it really was.



But – we found it! And yes, it was exquisitely delectable. Divine!

IMG_4334 IMG_4338Unless you are close to a place that offers enormous, inexpensive baked clams (over an outside grill! with or without fresh cheese!), I’m sure you are happy that my food photography sucks the way it does – because that photo there doesn’t tempt an iota, does it? But man, that WAS GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!


And as the pile of discarded clams out back attest to, that place serves up a LOT. It was wonderful and we were happy. We were also happy to hang out with the people there – they had little puppies and the kids snuggled with them in a complete cute-overload.

Then on and over, through the fields.

IMG_4318 IMG_4323

Northern Baja has stretches that are remarkably similar to California – which makes sense – but it does kind of startle one when you go from clams to mesas to fields and back, then throw in the over-the-top Seussical cacti

IMG_4370It’s easy to love this place


We camped at Bahia de Los Angeles – the town was disappointing but the camping and bay were gorgeous

IMG_4396 IMG_4392

The waves lulled us that night, with their gentle cadence, enchanted the kids the next day with their wares.


IMG_4415We settled in, unpacked,let our thoughts of things seen, imagined and experienced unwind, unfold.



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