Essential Oils for Weight Loss, an Exercise Regime and Some Blessed Sanity: Mama’s Losing Weight Part 2


In the flow of life on the beach, it’s easy to slip into something that is healthy.

Like exercise.

Mikey pushes himself daily in the water, swimming, and I try to complete one of the 10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat episodes that’s downloaded on the kindle (- the lady never, ever stops smiling – it’s a little much), or some of Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout (excellent for the ab and arm work).

But most of  all I like to push myself with my walking/running.

 I am on week 4 with my C25K (- the free Couch 2 5K app). When the sand is firm, I can run for most of the beach but when the sand is very soft, I end up walking.

the beach

Either way, I can feel myself growing stronger and that makes me happy. I like being strong.

Since I am losing weight and since my Mom and my dear friend Abby got me hooked on essential oils (thank you very much, you guys), I’ve been interested in incorporating that into my exercise, see if it helps with the weight loss?

Oh wait a sec – some of you are wondering what essential oils are? Well, in essence, they are concentrated plant life, energy and sun – the properties of each of the plants are magnified in their essential oil. They are like what espresso is to instant coffee. Sort of. Does that make sense?

Anyway. Where was I?

Right, weight loss and essential oils.

 The essential oils for weight loss are:

  •  Peppermint: regulates digestion and makes you feel fuller
  • Grapefruit: helps prevent water retention and bloating and helps dissolve fat
  • Lemon: breaks up the toxins in the body and in the fat cells
  • Ginger: helps with digestion, increases energy and acts as a tonic and stimulate for the system
  • Cinnamon: helps the other oils to be more effective
  • Bergamot & Sandalwood: help prevent and reduce stress that contribute to stress-related eating

What I have been doing is putting in 4 drops of Peppermint, 4 of Lemon, 2 Grapefruit and 1 Cinnamon (I don’t have any Ginger) to my morning water. I did this gradually, by the way, because Peppermint regulates your digestive system and it can um, really regulate it, if you know what I mean! Better to go slow and build up.

I don’t know how it’s working in terms of the poundage because I don’t have a scale but I do know that both my appetite and body are shrinking. Yay!

Added to that is the bliss of the smell of those. It’s like an intense infusion of sunshine and goodness slipping up your nose. If you haven’t smelled that essential oil stuff, you ought to give it a try – and I’m not trying to sell you anything here – just give it a try, it’s AMAZING.

 Back to the rhythm of the walk/run.

I love the time alone and exploration part of my walk/run, love creating new familiars out in the middle of nowhere.

new familiar: ruins at tecoloteI even love taking Mac-Q out with me in the ergo sometimes

me and mac exploring

He feels like my little buddy, discovering new beaches with me

new beach by tecolote

New places that are simply incredible and were right under our noses.


beach around from tecolote

I like the feeling of losing weight (- because I gained so much), I like the feeling of being stronger, but I have to be honest: I think the thing that I most like is the feeling that this is all icing. The cake is being happy.


I’m not out to convert you to essential oils – if you are interested in it, cool, if not, cool. If you want more information though, holla in the comments or just email me 🙂

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  • I love what you’re doing, all of it! I’m interested in trying the essential oils you mentioned. Where can I get them? Thanks in advance for your time!

  • My daughter and I spent today using essential oils to make a muscle rub, glass cleaning spray, all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher detergent pods, air freshener spray, air freshener gels in a jar, nasal spray, night-night spray, and headache tonic. We’ve been hooked on EOs for a little while now, but this is the first time we’ve used them as an ingredient. We also make our own laundry soap, but not with EOs.

  • Yes, yes, yes… I’d love the info on the essential oils. Will you email me the info or post the info on your blog? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Linh, there was NO ONE THERE. I think it was called ‘coyote beach’ but I’m not sure. All I know is that it was hidden so I never saw anyone else there.

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