Everyone is Cool with Playing Star Trek Now

I have been worried for a while about Micah and Star Trek. I mean, he was running around the playground at pre-school, trying to organize his friends into go-away teams, assigning ranks, “Ensign Hawker!” and visiting areas of the galaxy where shapeshifters like Odo might be found.

The kids didn’t have a clue what Micah was talking about.


Some of them kind of gamely followed along, perhaps like people follow along with charismatic preachers. And some of them didn’t and my boy would get frustrated and sad because he wanted to play and he wanted to play STAR TREK.


The other kids knew about vampires. He didn’t (and I didn’t want him to), they knew about superheroes (he does too and that’s a good compromise but he gets tired of it and wants STAR TREK again), and they knew about princesses (he does too but has  little use for them).

Why am I writing this in past tense? It’s not like any of this is over.

So I have been worried about it and wondering if we are doing him a disservice by watching the Star Trek series on Netflix almost every night. Stunting his social opportunities or something.



Last night my sainted mother came over and My One True Darling Man, Mikey and I danced gaily over to the movie theatre. Or danced as much as any two sleep deprived, cranky, bleary, incredulous (- we couldn’t believe we were ALONE) parents could be. We hopped, skipped over to watch Star Trek: Into the Darkness.

It was pretty exciting. We got to hold hands in line and everything!

The movie… well. Hmmm. WHOAH!

That’s Star Trek?!!

That’s sort of like Star Trek on meth, dipped in shiny gloss or something, I suppose, but it is certainly not really Star Trek!

All that crying! Good grief, it’s like Kirk and Spock swallowed the waterworks. Every which way, I was turning to Mikey, “they are NOT crying again, are they????” By the end (with Spock’s declaration of love for Kirk and all), I was just trying not to laugh too hard, too loud. It was so frickin’ ridiculous.

And all those missed storylines made me ache with longing for some substance. Kahn was wonderful in a Sherlock-y kind of way, but I think someone like Q would have made a more  interesting and less predictable “bad guy”.

Anyway. That’s probably the problem with having a Trekkie like me watch what is ultimately a watered down Star Trek, dolled up for mass, mainstream appeal: I’m going to laugh at it.


The great thing about all this? Star Trek IS in the mainstream now, in a way it never was before. I like that for my boy’s sake, because all of the sudden, the other kids know what he’s talking about. They get it. Kirk. Spock. Away teams. Prime directives. Capice. Sure, Micah knows oh, about 500 episodes worth of more information than the other kids do, but it makes me happy that it’s all caught up and leveled out a bit.

Everyone is cool with playing Star Trek now.

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  • Ha! what a lovely tale. It’s fun when we get to “geek out” with our kids. It’s awesome when they “get” the things we get. Yea team!

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