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An unfortunate fact of my life is that being depressed does not make me skinny. Nor does breastfeeding. Both of those usually suction fat out of those experiencing one or the other – and if you have both, well, most people seem to walk away from depression and lactation with less than half the body weight they had when they started.

 NOT ME THOUGH!!! Oh no! Not MY body!

Ha! As if. My body took one look at having kids, you know, the act of actually growing children in your body and was all, “that’s supposed to make you fat?! Let me see what I can do!!” (*rubbed hands with glee*), cackled and threw me DEPRESSION and BREASTFEEDING.

I know there is a growing movement here in the US to accept and love fat and trust me, I am ALL FOR IT. I grew up in Fiji for crying out loud. This isn’t a post about fat hate, and it can’t be, because I simply don’t hate fat.

But I am not comfortable in my skin right now. I’m uncomfortable with how my body moves. With the rolls of fat that now press into my back, the feel of the excess that moves with me in one fluid flow as I walk or “run” (- quick waddle). At the same time, I feel kind of trapped, not sure about how or what to do about it.

Here’s the point where I literally stop writing and have a conversation in my head (as I watch a moth that somehow got inside, dance around);

-you could bike instead of drive
nope, Micah can’t make it most places and back yet
– you could get one of the extension things or a big ass bike carrier and fit the kids in
nope, those are like, $3,000

you could walk instead of drive
can’t carry Mack all the way (while pushing Moxie in the BOB and Micah bike riding next to us)

– you could get a double stroller like a Phil & Ted’s
hmm. Yes. I can do that.


Then the next hour goes to Craigslist, checking out Phil & Ted’s strollers. But I’m still left without a stroller for 2 kids when everyone wakes up and the cycle seems to repeat itself.

I’ve tried various things – yoga, which I absolutely adore, and pilates which I like – and the reason I don’t go is because – honestly? – Mikey’s face when I get home is pretty drastic. He really has a borderline impossible time with all 3 kids.

What does that leave me? Morning jogs.

That’s cool and when I do it, I feel great. It’s the choice between writing/painting and exercise, really – I have about an hour, an hour and a half most mornings in which to call my own. Either I write for my sanity or I exercise for my sanity.


And then just thinking about it all makes me feel my fat a little more keenly and makes me a little more uncomfortable with everything and then I get depressed. Then… TAILSPIN!

You know what else bums me out? The thought that this is probably about not valuing myself enough to make time for MY BODY.


New season, new goal: I’m going to change this. I suppose I’m mostly writing this post to have something in the future to refer back to, talk about some progress.

My goal: take care of ME. Put my priority where my butt is (that sounds so funny!): walk, run, exercise daily. Get strong again. Lose the 50 lbs I’ve put on through growing and birthing these kids.

You mama/sisters out there who know what this is about, advice/tips are really appreciated.

Over & out.




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is a deaf blogger, global nomad, tech-junkie, cat-lover, Trekkie, Celto-Teutonic-peasant-handed mom of 3 (one with Down syndrome and one gifted 2E). She likes her coffee black and hot.


  1. I feel ya, but I have given up on the “I’m going to lose weight” gig. After a year of cutting calories and exercising regularly and only 10 pounds lost to show for it, I have decided it’s just not worth it for me. I do have a reclined exercise bike which is nice so that I can read and pedal at the same time. But this momma-body of mine likes to hold onto the calories.

  2. Anne Mawdsley Reply

    Hey girlfrien,
    I’ll never forget an article I read years ago by Brian Wansink (food psychologist – look up his work. He’s awesome) about how he had ran a full marathon and calculated the calories her burned (something like 2,000+) and how he went out to massive dinner after the run and consumed way more than 2,000 calories, and concluded, ÿou can’t outexercise a bad diet, a refrain I hear a lot in my biz. So…I would say worry less about exercise (hey don’t get me wrong — you KNOW I’m not saying don’t exercise), but diet will have a bigger bearing on your weight. Or do both!! xoxo A

    • that’s laugh out loud funny, Anne! I can TOTALLY see me doing that too. So, thank you. I’ve got to get the food down for sure… I’m thinking (- hoping? wishful thinking?) that the exercise will show some results and will motivate me to eat better. Right now eating has become my main form of stress relief, relaxation and joy and that’s just got to change. I feel so hopeless sometimes though, when I feel the fat – it’s like, ‘why bother? – chomp, chomp’
      What I am really hoping is a lot of exercise will make it easier to reason to with myself ‘why bother? – oh, right – it makes a difference’
      BUT – and huge BUT – I’m 40 now and I can feel the difference.

  3. I had a really hard time losing the baby weight too. I went gluten free 3 months ago and lost it all in about 6 weeks without doing anything else differently. As an added bonus I had way more energy, didn’t get daily headaches, and wasn’t irritable ALL THE TIME!
    Good luck!

    • I’m really hoping Mexico’s going to get me going that route too. Are you still gluten free?

      • Yes, I feel pretty sick now when I have it accidentally so I guess it’s going to be a long term thing!

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