And Then We Fell in Love: Patzcuaro

We didn’t expect to love Patzcuaro.

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We expected to have some fun admiring crafts but that was it.

I was dead-sick when we arrived, completely non-functioning and in stupid pain (I ended up seeing a doctor and got knocked up with antibiotics). We wanted to find a hotel to stay in because it was COLD and I needed to REST.

meriah nichols mexico-3So, like Micah’s journal says, on account of no hotels accepting Kianna except two, and one of those being full the next day, we stayed at Hotel Posada de la Rosa

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We probably wouldn’t have stayed there had some of the other hotels accepted Kianna – but staying there was the best thing that has happened to us so far in Mexico.

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And this is why:

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Jonathan, the owner’s son.

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He and Micah became fast friends over Minecraft, and then we all became friends. He came with us everywhere, showed us a million cool spots, he hung out with us in the big plazas where they played classical music from Bose speakers and where birds swooped by in quests for crumbs.

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He took us to his grandmother’s house for New Year’s.

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Hands down, that was the highlight of our trip so far – meeting the family, enjoying New Year’s posole with them, firecrackers.

We absolutely melted with their hospitality and warmth.

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We ended up staying in Patzcuaro for about a week – and it wasn’t enough.

meriah nichols mexico-23 meriah nichols mexico-22 meriah nichols mexico-20 meriah nichols mexico-21 meriah nichols mexico-11We left because we have to get to Cancun to meet my mom, but I have no doubt whatsoever that we’re going to go back.

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Details, Disability and Access:

Details: Hotel Posada de la Rosa is a simple, family-run and family-friendly hotel right in the heart of the food market district. It’s the perfect place to stay to explore food stalls, street foot, to sample fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to walk anywhere in central Patzcuaro from the hotel.

Access in the hotel – it has a long flight of stairs and each room generally comes with one step. They accept service dogs like Kianna and are very accommodating. If they can find a way or help out, they will.

Their wifi is blazingly fast.

 Disability in Patzcuaro: I saw a lot of people with disabilities in Patzcuaro. Lots of wheelchair users, quite a few people with post-polio and a couple with Cerebral Palsy. I also saw some blind folk. It was interesting to me in that the ones with a white cane were begging, but the ones who were being led by friends (sans cane) were not. I didn’t see any deaf people – where are they??? I did see a couple of children with Down syndrome.

I was happy seeing so many people with visible disabilities out and about, even if access is very much an issue. The wheelchair-users were all riding those standard hospital-issue wheelchairs, the kind that aren’t meant for any surface other than completely flat. I have no idea how people can navigate the cobblestones with them, and how rough it must be. I wonder about projects that Whirlwind International has, in helping locals build wheelchairs themselves that will fit their terrain – I would love to see something happen like that in Patzcuaro.

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  • wow! that looks so beautiful and so cool and so full of spirit. I hope I can visit you there too in the future 🙂 Love to you all

  • I lived in Mexico for seven years (Guadalajara in the 1970’s), and Patzcuaro was my favorite place. I went there at least a couple of times a year. I’m glad you were able to experience its beauty and warmth.

  • I grew up in Mexico City. (We moved there in 1960 and then moved to Canada in 1968). I attended school there from Kindergarten to 6th grade, so I learned how to speak spanish at about four years old. Every summer we would travel around the country and Patzcuaro was one of our favorite places. Thank you so much for bringing back so many wonderful memories for me! I loved living in Mexico! And the food! Oh, my heaven’s, still my favorite to this day! Que viva Mexico!!!

  • Thanks for sharing, beautiful pictures. Life is a journey and I love they way you and your family live yours…Safe and wonderful travels.

  • I am pleased you fell in love with Patzcuaro. Perhaps you can return the next time for Noche de Muertos and visit my Arocutin where I live. It is very traditional – no plastic wreaths – and very friendly. Lots of videos on YouTube.

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