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Moxie's been working hard on her Tummy Time most every day. I have to say: she likes it (I doubt I'd be able to get this little girl to do much she didn't like, but that's another story). She seems to enjoy the space to roll around and swat things, reach and grab and babble away in her own place. 
Unless there is company, that is. 


And he does like to invite himself over. He calls it Moxie's "house" and wants to hang out with her in it.


But wait! What'cha wearing Micah? Thomas underoos? Get outta here! Those are Big Boy pants!


You are trying them out, you say? Giving them a go? 
All right! I sure will stay tuned for more…
xoxox kisses to you too.

Moving back to our Moxie-News, she's got a physical therapist coming over this morning to assess her. Finally. She was rejected by Kaiser, remember? It's been an upward battle with the Regional Center since then to get her services. She has a developmental specialist ("teacher") coming in every week to work with this and that but it's definitely *not* the same as physical therapy.


The Regional Center was telling me I'd have to wait for services until after I appealed Kaiser's rejection which made no sense to me and things that don't make sense to me piss me off. It's such a run-around and in the meantime, I have a baby girl and she needs physical therapy. Play whatever bureaucratic games you want and shuffle all the paper your little heart desires but GET MY BABY THAT THERAPY. Already, dammit.


I "spoke to the supervisor" (reminds me of working in Jack in the Box) and got the assessment. If all goes well, Moxie will be hooked up.


It's funny in these things too. "All goes well" means Moxie doing badly on an assessment. It seems that even though she is meeting every*single "typical" milestone (– she's rolling over both ways, grabbing things, trying to sit up, etc), so long as she shows some delay during the assessment, the therapist will see her. I'm worried and for once, don't want her to show off. I'm having the therapist come at a time when I know Moxie is likely to be cranky, far less likely to want to roll over and pivot and do stuff. Fingers crossed.


Can I just rant for a second though? This is SUCH a dumb system. How utterly stupid is it to say, oh, your kids' got Down syndrome. Let's wait till she's REALLY delayed before we do anything about it? Hmm? Sound okay, mmmmm'kay?


Fingers are still crossed.

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  1. typical. there never is enough emphasis put on preventative maintenance.

    go thomas underwear!!!

  2. OMG my son has always loved Thomas. He is a train freak. You know those undies helped him transition just because he didn’t want Thomas to get wet. Worked like a charm.
    As for the A hole insurance companies don’t even get me started. I hate them all. Even working in the doctors office I do nothing but fight them. I’m sorry if a Dr. says there pt needs the treatment that should be enough. That is what they got to school for. Why the hell do we pay for insurance then? Oh I get so angry.

  3. What a great tip about the underwear! Thank you! I’m going to try it.
    And I try not to blow a hole through my steamstack about the insurance. It’s just nuts. So, so wrong…

  4. No problem. You know what else helped. I don’t know if your little guy likes stickers. Xman ( nickname) loved them. So I made a Chart and hung it on the back of the bathroom door. I also hung up a book of stickers. Everytime he went potty he got to put up a sticker.

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