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It’s 2:15 and I just finished the bulk of the housework. I can’t even wrap my head around that sometimes, you know – what this whole life is about, the WORK and how a day can just fly by and I’m left with the memories of meals that I made, clothes washed, a yurt cleaned, animals fed, children too. But it’s all so intangible and gone in hours. So much work done for what feels like a moment of accomplishment.

And then I wonder… why’d I get that Master’s degree (in International Management!!) anyway? I mean, does it help me hang up these clothes on the line any easier, and what about figuring out this whole “lasagna gardening” thing? Does it help me any with that, or with the making of the fig jam?

You know the answer to that just as well as I do, and I have to say, sometimes I’m just so tempted to tell the kids to screw education, you know? “Kids: I say unto you, know how to code and know how to grow your own food and use your passport.” The End. Love, Your Mother, Meriah. But education has its uses too. Degrees come in handy. Just not necessarily in the ways you once figured they would?

I don’t know. But I know this. I love it out here.

20150926-IMG_3043I love it because I can sit here and talk to you while the hummingbirds are feeding about 2 feet on either side of me.

That’s a big one.

I have no idea why, but hummingbirds are a constant reminder to me that life can be easy, that life SHOULD be easy; and I’m not talking about the easy way out or the slacker’s way of easy, but rather, that I shouldn’t be miserable. Hardship, difficulty and misery aren’t gateways to paradise and we weren’t born to be unhappy. We were born to find our hummingbirds and things that really get us going in a joyful way. Of this, I am certain.


My view in the morning, which is when I usually do my writing and photo editing. This doesn’t get old for me. And I have learned that hummingbirds will come in the dark of the dawn.

20150918-IMG_2955This kid does too. He wakes up and stumbles blearily over to the warmth of my lap and crawls in. Sometimes I get irritated, like some cat that was rubbed the wrong way, my fur is going in different directions. I want my time to myself, I want my body back, I want my space. But I usually remember that he’s going to be 3 years old soon. His time in my lap is almost over.

My arms go around him and hold him tight as I remember that.

20150908-_DSC7283Tender moment aside! Baby alligator lizards in the yurt.

20150911-IMG_2826Whoah, mama!

They are pretty neat to watch. They move all sloooooooooow, until they think you aren’t watching, then they zip.

Hey Mommy!

[poke, poke, his fingers poke annoyingly into my back]

“Micah, don’t poke my back please. I don’t like it”, I say.

Sorry, Mommy; I just thought you’d want to see this big snake in the cupboard…




It’s raw and it’s real.

It can be scary. And intense. The two hour ride to Costco, Costco, stocking up:


Stopping for a car wash, ours is always the only car in line that is getting washed because I literally can’t see out of the windows anymore; the dust is layered so thick I know make the car wash attendants nervous that we’ll clog their filters

mid-left, you can see a spot on our car that does NOT have dust on it

20150904-_DSC7265 20150904-_DSC7267

Cows in the road, home

20150918-IMG_2971 20150922-IMG_299720150919-IMG_297320150922-IMG_298720150918-IMG_2963Sooooo…housework.

From 7am straight through until 2:15, and not even done at that. Clothes on the line, drying in the heat of the last vestiges of the summer sun. Butterflies are fluttering all around my garden, we’re still eating what we’ve picked

20150923-IMG_2999Sometimes I feel like life is a setting on a machine.

You have ‘basic’, you have ‘medium’, you have ‘large’ and you have ‘ultra’. I feel like the Lost Coast is set on ‘ultra’, it’s as intense in the good and the hard that I’ve ever experienced. The lows are lower; the highs are higher. There are reptiles in the yurt, but the hummingbirds are closer, there are more of them and they will even land on my finger from time to time.


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