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 I don't feel so hot today. And it's because of Little Miss.

who, ME?

Yes, YOU! Honey, you were chomping on my boobs ALL NIGHT, and you wouldn't quit kicking me! Mommy's nipples feel like they've been doused in kerosene and set alight! And then… remember when I couldn't take it anymore and Daddy went to get you a bottle with formula? You gave us the 'how could you?' look, tears filled your big blues and starting WAAAAAILing…

Yes, but you see, Mommy – I haven't had any formula or a bottle for 3 months, which is, as you realize, half of my young life… I simply couldn't abide it… I'm sure you understand…
 Um… Mommy? You DO understand, right? Oh-kay… you're still sore. How about I look really, really cute and then you'll gasp and sigh and everything will be all great again?
is it working???

 Yes, it worked, sweetie… Somehow your long eyelashes always make Mommy feel a little better.



Oh goody!

 So now, Mommy's going to take it easy, try and let this throbbing headache loose, try lay low till we go to your Speech Therapy. Yes! We're going to Speech Therapy for the first time today, sweets. It should be interesting. And it's at the Ds Connection, which you love…


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  1. What a cutie!! Such a beautiful little girl 🙂
    Sorry about the soreness mommy.

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