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There was a big ole comment/post/flurry storm over that last post, On the Pedestal. It’s pretty clear that some of my words have (intentionally or not) been twisted, and some other things are just misunderstandings. And others  – well,  others are just products of my crass, inarticulate, shoot-from-the-hip and raised abroad self.

So, for the record:

1. I am not for promoting stereotypes: I am for talking about commonalities.

2. I do not believe that all kids with Down syndrome are happy! Or bolt! Or whatever! But I do believe there are some consistencies to how the extra 21st chromosome expresses itself in people who have Down syndrome. And I would like to talk about these things. That is all.

3. I am quite sure I flubbed in describing things in my post – I was definitely not prepared to have it dissected by a lawyer! I was simply trying to get to the core of what I’m feeling and thinking and was struggling to articulate it. This is not something we talk about often in the Down syndrome community (hmmm… now I wonder why…?)

4. I am a friendly person. I like people. I am happy by nature. I get along with most people in real life. I laugh easily. I make fun of myself and don’t take things too seriously. I do not have a bone to pick, a fight to throw or whatever.

5. I like bacon.

6. A lot.

7. Can we get over this? Just is just kind of ridiculous. I’m driving off to South America with my family next month.

8. My kids are watching ‘Daniel Tiger’ now which sort of makes me feel like a horrible mother and sort of makes me want to take life notes. Maybe we all should.

9. Here, a couple of old posts – really old! – that get a little into diversity appreciation and stuff:

90% Normal

Crunchy Ears

And here is my whole Down syndrome category – which is supposed to have a flow through of every post I’ve ever written about Ds. It ought to be pretty clear that I’m not dying to shove my child and her tribe into some box and close the lid on her. Mmmm’kay? I’m simply yearning to better understand her, striving to learn all that I can, and wanting to keep her safe.


I’m going to go and fry some bacon. If you hurry over, you can have some.


Peace out.

your bacon loving friend,


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  1. annemarie says:

    I love, love love the way your so open when it comes to writing about ds. Our kids are going to have similarities whether people like it or not. I’m so glad that people like you are willing to talk about them. My Eva is two and a half and is like a mini tornado. She’s the most amazing daughter anyone could ask for and is doing really well. I am so grateful for the many wonderful blogs available online and the support we give each other. I felt so alone when she was born and reading about other families who have kids with ds has made me realise that i’m not on this journey alone. Keep up the good work.xxxx

  2. We also watched Daniel Tiger this morning and it annoyed me how it was all about cleaning up and my 20 month old son turns to me and says “mommy no clean up?” He was definitely accusing me of something. I officially hate Daniel Tiger.

  3. I hope you and the family have a safe trip. And it is important to have these conversations in a positive way. I was lucky enough to have a circle of mommies who had children with various needs that I could do that with but it was very uncomfortable at times. Especially in the beginning. So many raw feelings to deal with ourselves and others.
    And who doesn’t like bacon?? I mean seriously? 😀

    1. I have a friend who doesn’t like bacon – I think she’s crazy!!

      Meriah – Your list (especially #1 and #2) does clear some things up for me. So, thanks.

      1. Have you ever looked into the environmental impact of raising pigs to make bacon? How the stench of the pig feces “lagoons” can be smelled for miles, ruining the property values of the land all around, the owners unable to live there because their eyes and skin literally burn, but unable to sell? How their waste pollutes the soil, the water, and the air? I highly recommend the book “Eating Animals.” Eat bacon if you love it, but people who don’t eat it or love it are not “crazy.” Some of us are just unwilling to participate in the system of environmental destruction that producing bacon necessitates. It has no baring on whether I am neurotypical or neuroatypical.

  4. Ahh, the old lawyer reference. It never fails. You think that was bad, you should try living with me. Sausage over bacon, by the way.

  5. AHHH now I want bacon too!! I don’t like drama so I didn’t comment on your previous post BUT I agree with you in many things…. I love blogs that keep things real! That’s how is done! I want to think that we might see each other in South America… we’re coming to Cali in December! only if after we meet in SF we still like each other LOL!

    1. Annamarie says:

      You wrote what you felt.. Interpretation is such a “pain in the arse”… and well you can’t please all the bitches all the time, someone is always going to get their feathers ruffled..Please don’t get me started on Lawyers.. My grandfather was a Judge and my dad is a lawyer… I ran so fast and far away from the legal field as possible!!!!

  6. mamatoten says:

    For the record : I loved that post. It was exactly how I feel. And also… I love bacon too. Sue me. 😉

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