…four (and Hey! Eugene!)

I forgot photos. Photos are also on my mind right now. I don’t want to toss the thousands of photos of people I don’t even remember the names of, blurry sakura blossoms tossed during some joyous moment 22 years ago, or the expression on my face as I bit into my first-ever snail (most especially poignant now) but man. This is taking up room! And now that I (finally) have kids and a most-beloved partner by my side, I’d rather save what little space we have for the pictures we are making right here, right now.

Scanning is an option but takes me back to square one: do I even look at these anymore? Do I want to? And if I do, then do I want to put the time in to do it? No, no and NO! Maybe I ought to bundle them together and have some kind of ceremony for the summer solstice. Burn ’em? What would DO you do?

Moving on, I had a cool dream last night. I dreamed I was lost in Eugene, Oregon and wound up by this huge old gorgeous house. It was a light, almost minty blue. I was in love with how the sky looked against the house and was kicking myself for forgetting the camera when all of the sudden I noticed all the flowers around the house were SUCCULENTS! Wild and crazy succulents! I love succulents. HOLY COW! I all but ran around in circles, yipping with my tongue hanging out. Before I totally lost it though,there was a big ole succulent tree and it was overlooking a – gasp! – FIELD of succulents! Yes, a FIELD. I hugged the tree. When I looked down, I saw that at the very edge of the field was a pond of almonds. (If all this didn’t sound screwy before, it does now, huh. Sorry. But it was so much fun!) I walked right into the pond of almonds, sank down and thought about the cool factor. How cool it was that it was a pond of almonds, how I never knew there could be a pond of almonds – did you? That it felt nice actually, and if I was hungry at all, why, there was an almond!

I’m still glowing from it. That’s the kind of place I want for our Inn. You know – a big old minty-blue place with a crazy-glorious succulent garden. A FIELD of them, by golly.

 But speaking of Eugene – and photos too – I never did show you the ones from last month. The kids and I were going up north with Mom to see Grandma for her birthday. But wound up in Eugene, Oregon for the whole, entire time. My lovely littlest niece (Yu Rou), was in a gymnastics tournament and so Dana, his fiancee Toni, my adorable oldest niece (Yu Han), and us were there to support her.

Since I am well aware that I have a bad habit of taking too many photos, I thought I’d just give you a slideshow, in case you are interested, but not completely overwhelm you with all those riveting, rollickin’ tidbits of a 14-hour car-ride up north, wooo-hooo!

I used to know every, single cigarette-friendly spot up the coast of California. What I love about my life now is that I’m learning where every, single playground is. I have also learned that it’s a good thing to enjoy your own mother’s company
this is mine…ain’t she purdy!

And I’ve learned how funny it is to have one of the small people in your life negotiate with you for the very first time

“5 more minutes… just 5 more minutes….”

And I’ve learned that cousins are precious

Yep. Now, if I could just learn what to do with all those photos… 
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  • Nothing to do with this post, but I don't have your email… Which is prob somewhere on here, but I'm lazy.

    I may do a "how to" running post, but you can email or message me specif ?s and I can answer whatever – I used to coach 🙂

  • Oh, I love that. Such beautiful photos, and sweet words. I have tons of old photos, too, that are all just living in small envelopes somewhere in a box in our loft. I've always been a bit of a photo hoarder, and don't intend to really do anything with them, except, perhaps, to take a look one day and refamiliarize myself with what's there. There might be a few that need to be scanned, but certainly not the lot.

  • Oh man. I hear you. I have two bins of pics. And with our recent assignment to find pics of Abbie I know I have to face those bins. I hate those bins. Also I love those bins. I, like you, don't like to pick and choose memories but furthermore I find it difficult to go down memory lane. It jerks me out of present tense and off kilter in a way I don't handle well with my daily life. I sometimes wish for the bins to be stolen then I could miss them or something more romantic than neglecting them!

  • Team Lando! Thank you! I will email you. Meredith.. you said it so perfectly. As usual 🙂 I'm looking at the photos TODAY!

  • I did… but then got distracted by sakura, high school and a million other things. Then just got distracted. take two: tomorrow! You?

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