Freak Outs (- My Plumply Newsy Post)

I have freak out episodes almost daily now.

Like, WTF?!

Am I crazy, are we crazy, what are we DOING, we must be crazy,  huh.


If anyone says they are “jealous” of me because I’m doing this, planning this, moving this family of mine on the Pan Am, I’ll laugh long and hard – HAHAHAHAHA – right at them because let me tell you: this is every bit as frustrating, slow, excruciating, nerve-wracking and grey-hair-making as it all gets.

Planning and executing something as whack and huge as this – on a shoestring budget (and calling it “shoestring” is being generous) is like …oh, what’s the metaphor, give me a metaphor: like combing out lice from hair? Voluntarily putting your arm through a wringer? Opening up those plastic clam shell cases that toys come in?

Point being:  if we can do it, you can do it, and if you can do it, there’s nothing to be jealous about. Just do it.

We’ll meet on the road.


I’ve been on this odyssey to get the passports and stuff together. Turns out we didn’t have Mac’s birth certificate (and yeah, they mailed it to us and no we don’t have it so yeaaaaaaah there might very well be another Mac Nichols out there now, buying a car and doing things his 7 month old self shouldn’t be).

So I went in to the Oakland records, waiting in line, filled out the form and then it struck me that Mac was not born in Oakland! D’oh!!!! 



We did a complete about face and went on over to San Francisco later, round 2. All the way to City Hall, all the way to the back, all the way in line (Moxie’s shoes were real head turners! squeak, squeak!) then when it was my turn, they said I was in the wrong line, wrong building even!


Trotted back out, around, back, through, in, waaaaaaaaaited and VOILA! Got it.

One big thing done, 2 million to go

IMG_6507 IMG_6508 IMG_6513

I’m making lists, longs lists that are made on the backs of envelopes, lists that get lost and lists that get found again. Lists that someone make me feel better and little more together, just by having made them. It’s like diet products, right? The more diet products you buy, the more weight you’ll somehow lose, or language learning materials – the more books you buy on how to learn a language, the better it’ll be, right. The more lists I write out, the more crap I’ll get done.

see? crap is getting done!

see? crap is getting done!

I’m trying to get to Evernote. Everyone says it’s the best thing since velcro-strapped shoes.

Are you on Evernote? I’ll bet you are. I’m probably the only Gen X’er  in the whole entire developed world that isn’t. I’ll bet even Mikey, the guy who isn’t on facebook and is anti-all-things-“i”-related is on Evernote in his spare time. I’ll bet he stashes Evernote on his work computer like a guilty secret.

There it is! Smack dab in Productivity Central
There it is! Smack dab in Productivity Central


Speaking of getting crap done.


We played “musical trucks” hard and fast for over a year and now I think we have the right combination: Our F350 4×4 with this Alaskan Camper. Yep. That little thing. All of us. All of our earthly belongings.

That little thing.


I want this, right? We want this, right? 

I mean, WTF?!

Am I crazy, are we crazy, what are we DOING, we must be crazy,  huh.


So in between freak outs on getting crap done, TRYING TO FIND A JOB (hellooooo! We need JOBS!), the divestment of belongings so we can squeeze into that camper at night, I find myself lunging for quotes. Yeah, quotes. They are like procrastination crack for crazy people like me.

And I don’t know… somehow, sometimes I feel like if I fill my brain up to the brim with good stuff that other people said, I’ll be juiced enough with good-vibe juju to actually float this boat.

My friend Jodi posted this on facebook and I needed it so I nabbed it and I thank her forevermore because I think it's awesome
My friend Jodi posted this on facebook and I needed it so I nabbed it and I thank her forevermore because I think it’s awesome

I don’t know if you noticed the quote thing I put on the sidebar? It’s there (you might have to go back to the main page on this blog and then see it). I’ll be having a quote up every week that you can take with you and share and do whatever you want with – I even put code up so you can just copy/paste because sharing is caring and by golly, I CARE.

Speaking of photos:

The Monday Montage – which was the post on Monday where I invited you all to add a happy-making photo – it’s prrretty fine. Check it out. I don’t know if it needs to be something cutesy like “monday “m” – starting something” but I really dig the sharing aspect and just having everyone over here on this blog and I love feeling connected to you all. So we can keep it up? I’ll make a collage for next week from your Instagram photos that you are tagging #withmoxie, maybe we can have a theme of something for the photos next week?



Poor Mac. He’s so big he has to wear his sister’s clothes. Puffed sleeves make the man!

This is it. Oh, before I tie the strings on this post: 4 things:

1. The Book Club: Go to Poll #3 (featured) – Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is tied with Moving Violations! Ack. PLEASE VOTE to break the tie! I’ll close it on Friday, even if I have to close my eyes and point to one (and hint: it’ll probably be “Moving Violations” since I want to re-read that one)

2. I had a little article published on What to Expect: “5 Things to Expect When Your Child Has a Disability

3. I’m psyched that Ergo Baby included us in their Love Carries On campaign!! Check it out

4. Melissa & I are pulling together a blog hop every Wednesday on Down syndrome Blogs – we’ll have prompts up next week but for now, just head over, add a post that you love (that you wrote!) and that’s it. Please follow the 1-2 rule – that is, comment on at least one other post and read at least 2 other posts. Here’s the link again: Down syndrome Summer Series Blog Hop

That’s it. Over & out. Off to make a quote.


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  • I can’t seem to grab the quote, but it fits one of my posts perfectly! One where I talk about being damned of I do and Damned of I don’t! Imagine that! I’d say you are probably a little crazy wanting to live in that little camper. Though I am a bit jealous as I’d love to be traveling!

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