A Fruit Loop in the Sandbox

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IMG_1327I just need to start with some photos because every post deserves photos, right?


We – and by “we” I mean MacQ and Moxie and myself – were sitting in the playground sandbox yesterday, hanging out and letting My One True Darling Man, Mikey clean and paint like an obsessed fiend. The ladies of the playground were the typical interesting Alameda mix of immigrant South East Asian (with sparkly, drape-y clohtes), mixed Asian (designer jeans clad), middle eastern (- burka wearing), plain ‘ole white (- that would be me and I honestly don’t remember what I was wearing but I’ll be happy if it was clean). I like that. I know I’m going to miss that because that’s a rare thing in the world, you know, to see so much diversity just hanging out around the sandbox and utterly chill with it.



We were sitting there and hanging out, our kids playing together and this other lady walks up (turns out she was Guatamalan! The youngest of 17!). We started talking, mostly in comraderie over the difficulty in teaching kids to NOT THROW SAND (“come ON guys! that stuff HURTS when it gets in your eyes!” – throw, throw, hysterical laughter, screams). I don’t know how it came up but it came up that we are moving.

‘Oh, tomorrow?” they nodded, sympathy in their eyes.

“Yes,” I said with a sigh. I wanted sympathy from anyone, from any source because I was so deeply tired of cleaning and packing and the non stop no-fun that moving with 3 kids is – heck, just make that MOVING; moving itself is a ball of no-fun.

“Where are you moving to?” they asked, curious. I could tell they were really wondering what part of Alameda I was moving to – a better part? Oooooh, one of the old Victorians? Where?

“Well, we don’t really know…. we are going to drive down the Pan American Highway towards South American and hopefully we’ll find where we want to live along the way.” I said this matter of factly, hoping the cadence of my voice was in that exact *right* tone of not too excited, but not too flat, just stating what’s what.

“Oh…. How nice…..” – and they looked politely away.

I bust out laughing,

HARD, big, belly laughs splitting out of me, “you guys think I’m off my rocker don’t you! just really crazy! I KNOW!! It sounds totally crazy doesn’t it?!!! ”

And my laughter loosened their laughter and we were all laughing together and it felt really good.

They still thought I was crazy.

I probably am.

IMG_1360 IMG_1364 IMG_1368


I just wanted to  mention that I’m really noticing a difference lately in Moxie’s play: she wants to play WITH other kids now. Not just side by side, not just in the same space but play alone. She wants to play WITH other kids. She’ll deliberately go up to kids and engage with them and try and play WITH them. It’s pretty cool because she seems to be playing really well with others, even without talking.



Oh, and…

When we first plopped ourselves down in the sandbox, the East Asian mother complimented me on my “beautiful daughter” – with a nod to MacQ and my “handsome son”, indicating Moxie. I laughed and was like, “you mean my beautiful SON (- with a nod to MacQ) and my handsome DAUGHTER (indicating Moxie)?

And so. That’s what I get for putting my boy in pink crocs with necklaces and giving my girl a shag haircut and dressing her in overalls…(*facepalm*)

IMG_1394 IMG_1403 IMG_1410 IMG_1412

Last ones! I promise! But she was cute climbing up that thing, I just can’t resist

IMG_1377 IMG_1382


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is a deaf blogger, global nomad, tech-junkie, cat-lover, Trekkie, Celto-Teutonic-peasant-handed mom of 3 (one with Down syndrome and one gifted 2E).
She likes her coffee black and hot.
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is a deaf blogger, global nomad, tech-junkie, cat-lover, Trekkie, Celto-Teutonic-peasant-handed mom of 3 (one with Down syndrome and one gifted 2E). She likes her coffee black and hot.


  1. Susan Henderson, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund Reply

    Meriah, Mike, Micah, Moxie, MacQuinn — Safe and happy travels to you. I hope you find fine sand and coffee along the way. Cheers! Susan Henderson

    • Thank you! so very much!
      I’ll be busy saying goodbye to family in Humboldt County in the next week or two – and making sure everything is SET to GO – but one thing high up on the list is also connecting with disability orgs, beginning with those in Baja… if you hear of anything, or meet someone please keep us in mind. Also, we’d love visitors on the road! Come and visit!

  2. Mwaahahaha, I love your posts Meriah. And for the record, you are crazy. But that’s a good thing. Un-crazy people are dull and boring. 🙂 You’ll be in Mexico soon enough.

    • Hahahahaa!!! Thank you!!!
      And btw, I feel like I’m living on your blog these days. In between insurance and the garmin and everything else… (siiiigggggh).
      AND! Forks in the Road! Is with us, right along with the cast iron dutch oven!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! xoxox

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