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These are ideas for fun things to do with kids while quarantined. Most of these ideas are related to being quarantined at home; a few are set outside, but still with quarantine in mind.

There are affiliate links in this post – if you buy something, I will receive some small percentage of the profit, so thank you!

This is available in distraction-free downloadable PDF (and through my podcast) via my Patreon, linked here.

It’s also available at the end of this post.

Fun Things To Do With Kids While Quarantined

I think having the kids on board is essential to doing any of this.

My suggestion is to print this post out (- pdf is at the bottom), and then go through the ideas with your kids and create a plan with a blank calendar (also included in the pdf).

If your kids are old enough, have them be the ones to write it out and really take charge of the ideas. And brainstorm your own with them!

1. Go on a virtual museum tour!

How about that. The world has become so modern!

We can take our kids on a museum tour without even leaving the house. The link is here:

and here:

With the internet and high-speed connections of some of the best internet providers in my area, we can explore all sorts of interesting places from the comfort of our own homes. 

2. Get to know some awesome disability-related movies

I’m a total movie junkie, and I have a lot of posts on movies with disability intersections and movie collections.

Here are a few:

Meriah’s Movie Reviews and Recommendations:

And! I have a post on getting your Amazon Prime account for free (in order to watch the movies). It’s linked here:

3. Visit a National Park

How to Get Your Free National Parks Disability Access Pass or the Military Pass or 4th Grade PassNo time like now to take the clan on over to a state or national park.

I have a post on how to get a lifetime Disability National Park Pass – it’s linked here (

4. Make Fun Videos with Your Kids

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or just for your own home: have a blast making some fun videos with your kids!

I make mine using Apple Clips, so that they are ready with captions (my post on captions is linked here:

5. Play Games

My kids have been waiting for this day, I swear.

They love playing board games, card games, any kind of games, and I’ll bet yours do, too.

You can stock up on games through the Target app (and have it shipped or pick up outside), through Amazon, or whatever is your favorite shopping service.

This is going to be THE Most fun thing we do while on quarantine, for sure.

6. Art Practice

On the heels of game playing is art.

We love it!

I just found out about this super cool free daily online art class for kids, held on Facebook live. It’s linked here:

…And More Fun Things to Do With Kids While at Home

7. Do Yoga With Your Kids!

I wrote a post a million years ago on doing yoga virtually with kids (because, we lived off the grid and that was the only option). The post is here:

Since then, we have moved to Gaia, because it has a subscription that works for all of us. It’s linked here: Gaia: The Ultimate Yoga Site

I’m sure there are other sites and ways of practicing yoga with your kids: just poke around see what is out there and what works for you and your family!

8. A Kindness Bucket List

I made the following bucket list with my kids, and it was fun thinking of all the things to put in it, and also, the images to use. I taught my oldest kid how to use Canva by making our bucket list together.

Download this one and have fun with it, and/or make your own!

9. Serve Others

There is the super-cool website, Just Serve, which will identify service projects in your area (the link is here:

You can also just get on google for your area and search for opportunities on your own.

Within this though, maybe try:

  • yard work for neighbors who are older or who you know have compromised immune systems
  • offer to bring stuff to older neighbors (groceries? meds?)
  • call the local nursing homes and senior centers and ask what you could do that would be helpful
  • do you have friends who won’t get paid time off? or people who desperately need childcare or help that you might provide? that’s service too 🙂

10. Read

Use this time to get up to speed on your disability history and knowledge of the Disability Rights Movement, on different disabilities, and on educating your kids!

Join the Lit League Disability Book & Movie Club (our pick right now is “Being Heumann” and we’re having a watch party on March 25th and 26 for Crip Camp) – more info here:

More books,  and book collection suggestions are listed here:

Meriah Nichols’ Book Reviews, Collections and Resources:

11. Start Your Family History!

Try looking up your family, and creating a tree. I did ours on, but Family Search looks good too (because it’s free!)

12. Bake or Cook with Your Kids

  • slime
  • playdough
  • actual recipes- cookies, cakes, pies, pizza
  • slushies, fro-yo, ice-cream, juice, anything really

13. Channel Your Inner Sporty Spice

Get going outside:

  • go for a picnic
  • go hiking, for a walk
  • plan an adventure!
  • kayak
  • paddleboard
  • go to the beach, snorkel (-okay, I live in Hawaii, but just do your equivalent!)

14. Other Fun Stuff

    • sidewalk chalk
    • bubbles
    • projects around the house that you can involve the kids with
    • crafts
    • every pinterest thing you saved from that ultra-craftastic-mom-person
    • dance party!
    • dress up with your kids -make up too! – and have a fashion show or talent night

15. Clean!

Okay, so this can go partly under games and partly under sporty spice stuff, but kids can really get into cleaning if you approach it like a “yes, you GET to clean the floor! woot!

Have appropriate rewards (stars? points? stickers?) on hand, a bingo sheet.

Make a game of it, or give a task to each kid and set the timer.

This way they get to have fun and you get stuff you need done, too.

In order to clean your home better and faster, check out this guide from the Unclutterer on the best shop vacs that will help you to choose the perfect one for your needs.

16. Bonus: Start a Garden!

No time like now to start a garden to be more self-sufficient, and no time like now to teach your kids to grow their own food!

17. …and….

A whole bunch of these ideas are in this infographic!

Engaging At-Home Activities for Kids from ClickInks

Those ideas will hopefully get you going

They are fun things to do at home with kids while under quarantine, and I hope they serve you and yours well.

Many thanks to my friend Stephanie Meredith for her Facebook post which listed many of these!

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  1. Unfortunately, the National and state Parks in CA are all closed. I have nothing to entertain myself and the kids with.

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