save medicaid - rosie the riveter saying "we can do it"

Amazing things are happening here in the United States.

The awful orange-ness that is Trump keeps digging deeper holes for himself, the Republicans find new ways to oppress and kill, the majority of Americans are put to the test to actually define what is of importance to themselves, and hey – the disabled are kicking major ass!

Disabled activists are organizing and leading sit-ins all over the place, demonstrating against the BCRA (“Trumpcare”).

[mpc_interactive_image background_image=”41589″ mpc_ribbon__font_color=”#ffb566″ mpc_ribbon__text=”Activist Ash Brittenham, photo by Kings Floyd”][/mpc_interactive_image]

Activists are creating videos about what Medicaid is and what it means –


The parent community is rising up, with posts like Hallie’s (on why this photo of her daughter made her cry) and Jisun’s (on Medicaid is Inclusion), and helpful pieces by people with disabilities like this post on what you can do as an ally without a disability and the Trumpcare Toolkit.

I’m all the feels right now.

I’m deeply grateful to my activist friends for protesting, I feel proud by association.

I’m scared – not so much for myself or Moxie, to be honest, because we always have the option of moving to France (Moxie is a dual citizen), or hey, even back to Japan, where there is a national plan that covers you for free, or socialist Macau.

I’m not scared for us as much as I’m scared for people with disabilities who might be institutionalized if this “health care” bill pushes forward and Medicaid cuts are made.

I’m scared for those parents of kids with disabilities who do not understand that Medicaid is far, FAR from just a healthcare system – that it funds the supports that they need for their kids.

I’m scared for anyone and everyone that needs this and has no other options, or who will not understand the importance of this until it is too late.

Grateful. Proud. Scared.

I’m angry too. Anger is probably an obvious – I’m livid that we live in a country that is run by people who care so little about others, angry that our educational system is so messed up that so many people don’t even understand what all of this means. I’m disappointed that we need to explain all of this, and I’m heart sick that this means that we (as a country) have obvious self-worth issues that go deep.

We don’t think we are worth national health care, we don’t think it’s our human right.

That feeling moves me back to gratitude to my disabled friends who are out there protesting, literally putting their lives on the line, saying, “WE ARE WORTH CARE.”

Perhaps this explosion of action will awaken some.

I can’t help but think it will, that it already has. That people who had no idea that any of this existed are now seeing things through a new lens. Perhaps all of the can and will galvanize us to fundamentally change this system of ours that is so broken.

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