Getting Things Done with Chore Bingo!

Getting Things Done with Chore Bingo!

Teaching children to be responsible is one of the most important aspects of parenthood. As they get older, it’s important to slowly begin to teach them to be more responsible by assigning them simple things they can do to help out around the house. Assigning chores to children is a great way to teach them to start taking care of themselves and being more responsible with their time.

But of course, there’s a tendency for children to think of chores as punishment – things that eat away at time they could spend playing video games or playing outside. Many parents counter this by rewarding their kids for completed chores, but as More Time Moms has said, children need to learn that there are many things they will have to do without expecting payment, including tasks around the house.

One great way to ensure that they do their chores is by incorporating the chores into a fun game. Children, especially when younger, love playing games, and turning chores into a game is almost guaranteed to get them excited to help out around the house. There’s no better way than to use Chore Bingo, a game conceptualized by The Organized Wife.

Because bingo has become quite popular in the past few years, many different variations of the game have emerged. The U.K.’s Food Standards Agency has pioneered a game called Eatwell Bingo, which uses the Eatwell Plate to teach people to eat healthy. Iceland Foods, a leading supermarket chain, has also released their version of the game on, employing fun mascots and giving players the chance to earn discounts through bingo games. The Organized Wife’s version of the game entices children to get their chores done by building a system that lets them earn rewards based on the number of chores they accomplish.

You can use a premade Chore Bingo card, or make your own, and put it in a picture frame with a glass cover. As your child completes a chore, ask them to cross out the chore with an erasable marker. Each time he completes a row or column of three chores, he earns himself a little prize, and completing all of the tasks on the card earns him an even bigger reward! You can make several different Chore Bingo cards with age-appropriate tasks for each of your kids too!

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