A Golden Moment: Moxie in the Meadow

She is as naked as the day she was born, running through the small meadow, the tall grass swaying in the wind around her. Her hair catches the evening light and a halo is born.

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She is a small girl, clearly loving the feel of her body, her skin, her world – she twirls in circles, at first slowly and then picks up speed with the wind moving around her and she laughs out loud, the peels of her joy ringing strong. Dizzy at last, she collapses in a small heap, the grass swallows her for a second, but only a second. She pops up, running again, arms stretched out wide, open to receive the universe, eager to experience everything she can.

In this moment, there is only golden.

On this hill upon which we live, there is only her and our understanding of her, there are only moments in which we see this fierce beauty grow and blossom.

This is a moment, a golden moment, a moment to hold tight in my heart and treasure for as long as my life may be.

This is the essence of what being a parent is to me – to watch my child gulp down joy and be herself in a space that is hers.

To catch a glimpse of a rainbow growing, pure, strong and bright.

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I marvel at her, all that she is, all that she seems like she is growing to be.

She is not who I thought she might be – what did I think she might be? – certainly not someone as fierce, so in control of what she wants. I didn’t imagine that I’d ever have a daughter who would always choose to jump, climb, dance and slide. Always. Whenever she can.

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…at the end of day when I need something good to hold in my heart, to make me smile and think all is right in the world… I think of Moxie, our precious butterfly in the meadow.

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meriah nichols aug (1 of 1)

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