Goodbye Prowling Sexy Beast. Hello, Grandby Pop Up Four Wheeler and Monster Truck.

Briefly interrupting our Return-to-Mexico series, here is an update on the here and now Pan Am Overland Preparation…because I haven’t been updating you much, have I.

Most recently, we have sold both the Sexy Beast (our Ford F150 truck) and our ’72 Prowler trailer.



In place of the Sexy Beast, we purchased The Monster – ’89 F350 (4×4) 4-door, extended bed. And the ’88 Grandby Pop Up Four Wheel Camper. The Grandby Pop Up was purchased separately for $1,000 up in Oregon. We first tested out the Grandby in this post about going to Mono Lake.

Now, The Monster needs a lot of work. Mikey bought her for $1,800 and honestly… we think he paid too much for her now. There is just so, so much to fix – from things ranging from the engine to the wiring to the windows – you name it, it probably needs fixing. We considered just selling and then saving for something less beaten but Mikey thinks that ultimately it’s going to be better for him this way. He’ll learn the truck inside out and know that what he’s done is solid.

The Pop Up needs works too – just less of it. We’re drumming up a list of everything that would make sense and be cost-efficient, the best way to trick it out for a family of 5 to travel in it for an extended period of time. Without, you know, going crazy or killing each other.

Our short list right now:

Truck Camping Tents, Camping Tents:

Tent for camping, camping tents – truck or regular stand-alone will be providing a whole ton of extra room alongside the Popup. I know we are going to need that, along with a Patio Room or something of that nature. I’m looking into it – I heard about camping tent from Camping Gear Outlet – and that sounds attractive. I think it’s the “outlet” part of the store title. Looks to me like they have it all – truck tents, screen tents and stand alone and they have good prices. Check.

Showers, Portable Toilet/Bathroom

I’m digging the “NEW! Thetford Porta Potti® 260B” from Cabela’s. Any toilet with numbers after it sounds pretty grand. The Thetford Porta Potti® Curve® would probably be better, if we could afford it and have room for it. It says it’s the  “right height” and it has a “user friendly flush action” – all kinds of “wow” stacked into that sentence. I wonder. I don’t know. We might just end up with the Luggable Loo – more Mikey’s style and probably what he’s planning on already. Right, honey?

Other things on the list:

  • Good Mattresses
  • Flat Bed for the Truck: This was confusing for me but Mikey explained it all. The PopUp currently rests on the truck bed; if we get a flat bed – which is just that flat slab – we can add sides, compartments to it. Kind of like a utility truck. Know what I’m talking about?
  • Tech Stuff: GPS for the truck, flat screen computer or TV – don’t know which – for the inside of the Pop Up. 

That’s as far as we are now, because everything needs to be done in tiny chunks.

Do you have any resources/leads on where great places to buy this kind of stuff might be? And by great, I mean “reliable and inexpensive”!!

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