Grandma, I love You

From my heart to my Grandma - only love.

I love you, Grandma.

From my heart for yours, only love.

I loved your smile with that dimple peeping through.

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People with dimples make everyone smile.

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I loved your eyes, always twinkling with mine in some shared joke or secret.

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I loved the way you talked to me – so honestly, openly, and without a thought for convention. You said what you were thinking and feeling. Always.

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And I loved that you didn’t care a flying fig about convention. You marched firmly to the beat of your own beautiful drummer, and you taught your daughter – and she, me – to do the same. I will always be grateful to you for that, Grandma.

Mom, Grandma, my niece Yu Han, me and Moxie
Mom, Grandma, my niece Yu Han, me and Moxie

I loved that you found the good in me and shone your spotlight on it.

And when you knew about the bad, you didn’t care. You made it okay with your unconditional love.

You taught me so much about unconditional love, Grandma.

I loved that you lit up whenever you see me – and here I’m breaking down, Grandma. Because you have been the only person who always lit up when they saw me, and now you are gone.

Grandpa and the universe have your light now.

I know that each and every time I see a night sky full of bright stars, beautiful flowers and bright rainbows, I will be thinking of you with a heart that is fuller and richer for having known you.

I love you, Grandma. I will always love you.

From my heart for yours, only love.

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